The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

Yes, it’s a wonderful start! I’m really looking forward to more.

Wait do you mean, to get togheter with one of your half siblings and RO them and later have kids with them xD


@tooweiss Exactly :triumph: :wink:
Vexis goes towards his father, who stands on the balcony “Hello father”
The king turns sharply to face his youngest child, distaste written all across his face “WHY ARE YOU HERE? YOU MIST-”
Vexis shouts interupting his father “DONT WORRY!!! IM CORRECTING THE ONLY MISTAKE HERE” and SHARPLY SHOWS his father down the balcony.
:scream: <----(The kings face when he falls to his death)
:smirk: <----(Vexis face as he watches his father go down)


Like the demo, and I look forward to meeting the other heirs.

This game is really cool I love royalty games and am looking forward to see what you do with it!!!


Wow great game so far keep up the good work :grinning:

So much potential! I’m really looking forward to more updates.

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Yep , that’s on point ! And the kid(s) could then somehow rule too ! xD

( And the MC and the romanced bro/sis would be just half related so it would be half as messed up :smirk: )


Well i can actually see that happen with being half sibling and such. Since im swedish, i know for a fact that half siblings can marry in todays time and could before in Sweden at least. I dont know If @Fawkes would/has plans for this but…I cant belive that i am saying this but f*ck it! Im with you @SirLordChris it would be so dramatic and taboo maybe? In @Fawkes world setting.

And Since i like some messy dramas im in. :sweat_smile:


@Fawkes nice wip so far, may i ask what do you mean by " The game starts with your childhood and follows you through your life and ends when you’re around your late-twenties, early-thirties " you mean end of this game and continue with a sequel or finish it with the mc at that age? if is the 2º i think is too young for our mc to die with that age, but so far i have to say i love it, GJ

Hey, it’s longer than Alexander had. 30 years is a still a huge amount of time to cover, and certainly enough to set up an epilogue.

that i know it was 32, you mean Alejandro magno ? Alexander of macedón? he was almost 33 years old when he died,
Julius Caesar was 55 years… i think if there is no betrayal a King can live a lot, those that died so Young were betrayed by someone or fallen to another greater King. I hope we can have more than 40 years old when our mc die or even 60 like Lords of aswick, but that is for @Fawkes to decide.

The mc’s life is already sort of sad (which I like it builds character.) It would be even sadder if she died young to interesting but sad.

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Wow! This is really cool
I enjoyed it alot
The whole setting was really good and the king kinda remind me of Gwen from dark souls (the large grey haired king)
If I was in the MC’s place I’d run away, form a mercenary band of super warrior, conquer the world, challenge the gods for their place and rule over everyone as an overlord (if we can Di that XD)
The MC’s life is really sad that it makes me want to slay the king and queen for doing this to them
Can’t wait to make my MC into a vengeance warrior lady who want to kill everyone who annoys her >:3
Also loved the starring contest with kind daddy :3

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While I browse these forums quite a bit, I do not usually post in threads…but I felt I had to here. This was amazing. I am really looking forward to reading more of your work. I just love these types of stories (playing the prince/princess, medieval type) and you’ve painted it really well so far.

I really enjoyed the first chapter. I like how the MC’s life is a bit sad (s/he’s, for the most part, ignored and separated from everyone) but I feel like that is going to set up this possibility to just come out of nowhere and, you know, prove everyone wrong for ignoring you. I played a willful/rebellious character (and beautiful, but I think everyone gets that? Haven’t tried multiple playthroughs yet).

Can’t wait to read more.


This is fun! I can’t wait for another update. Though, to be honest, I am a bit concerned about the scale. Will you be able to do that much of the game?
Also, is it okay to ask what sort of love interests you’re planning?
And when you say Renaissance-esque, which Renaissance do you mean?

I am gone for a few hours to get some well-earned sleep after cranking out over two-thousand words in a few hours, and I come back to people talking about romancing their siblings. Incredible. :joy:

I’m going to address the incest first: Since I intend to hopefully have this game in CoG’s hosted line, there will be no incestuous relationships in my game. Apple would likely never allow it, and in any case, that’s not really something I want to write, nor is that the sort of relationships I want you to have with your siblings. You’re free to pine after your brothers and sisters though, if that’s what you want. I’m not judging.

Now, on to other things!

@Shadowdragon I’m not sure exactly which king Eraven is, but it’s been three hundred years since Rithalus freed Ophaesia from the Corscian Empire. And their ages will likely not be in the Stats screen, but it’ll likely be mentioned in the game. Your oldest sibling is fifteen years older than you, while Terrisen is three years older than you, and Baelira is two years older than you. Your idea for the Dahlas coat of arms is incredible, and while I agree with @Zolataya on keeping details such as that fairly up in the air for the player to decide, I might incorporate your ideas. :slight_smile:

@H2O Thank you! And you’ll just have to play the game and see if he succeeds. :wink:

@Silverstone Thank you so much! And yes, I modeled Queen Ysonia a bit off of my character in the Choice of Romance series, so she might be similar to your character and others’ as well.

@Zolataya There will be some bonus scenes and such for those who are musically talented! It’s one of the skills you can have, and while it probably won’t greatly affect what sort of ending you get, I hope it will add the immersion. And I’m glad you like the hidden stats! I didn’t want the personality stats (or any stats in my game, really) to be something you’re constantly fretting over. I wanted them to feel somewhat organic, only becoming relevant to your game when that’s part of who your character is. And you’ll have every opportunity to be as Machiavellian as you like! :smile:

@Urban There will be! The marriage situation is different depending on your gender, but political marriages will be addressed. There’s also an arranged marriage situation that you will have plenty of chances to get out of or go through with.

@GloriaRose @tooweiss @NotGoingToGiveUp I can neither confirm nor deny the possibility of overthrowing/killing your father, but I can confirm that you will see Prince Terrisen (and all of your siblings) early on in the next chapter.

@LtRipley I’m really glad you liked the game! I’m also really happy to hear I was able to elicit some feelings, haha. And I’m thinking about changing that sentence to make it specific to the Ysonia’s ladies-in-waiting as opposed to women in general. If that doesn’t work, I’ll definitely consider taking it out completely.


@SirLordChris A chapter a week will be hard to do – I’m simply aiming for at least a chapter a month! Hopefully that’ll be enough for you, haha. :blush:

@Zoilus @Shawnheatherly @Misa101 @avidreader @GreenSkittles Thank you!

@anon4518890 Don’t worry, the MC will most likely not be dead at the end of the game. That’s simply when the game will end, and you’ll have an epilogue afterwards, similar to the ones at the end of Dragon Age games.

@WhiteLynx I’m glad you enjoyed the game! :slight_smile:

@Choobacca Thank you! And while I’ll admit the MC’s life is a bit sad, this gives you more freedom to decide what sort of life you have, I believe. And everyone gets beautiful – it’s the starting trait, and also the only way I could think of the end the list of traits in a proper sentence, haha.

@RedRoses The scale is quite daunting, but I have nothing else to do during the day but work on my game. It’s my priority right now, so I should hopefully be able to do it, even if it means it takes forever. And sure, I’m happy to talk about the love interests! I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll give you the gists.

There are four female love interests – two are straight, one is gay, and one is bi. All but one are Ophaesian nobles – the one who isn’t a noble is forbidden, but that doesn’t have to stop you. There are five male love interests – three are straight, one is gay, and one is bi. This time all but two are Ophaesian nobles, and both the ones who aren’t are forbidden or nearly so. This is as vague a description I can manage. Feel free to ask more questions about them; I don’t know how much I’ll be able to tell you, but I’ll try to answer your question!

And I mean the general European Renaissance. Ophaesia is loosely – very, very loosely – based on France, Italy, and England, with a little of Greece thrown in there too, but ultimately it’s a fantasy setting, so it’s not too much like any one country, I think. A couple of the neighboring countries are a bit more like their real-world inspirations. Edoinel is quite French, and Corsciana is somewhat Italian.

(Had to break this into two parts because there were so many users to be mentioned.)


So how much like Italy is the ‘modern’ Corsciana? Is it shattered into minor principalities or does it still have one government? Speaking of that, will we be ever be leaving Ophaesia?