The Sea Eternal — What will you sacrifice for immortality?

The Sea Eternal

We’re proud to announce that The Sea Eternal, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, iOS, and Android. It’s 25% off until April 29th!

In the enchanted underwater City of Glass, what will you sacrifice for immortality? Love, memories, freedom? Will you take freedom from others to win your heart’s desire? Dive into a world of mermaids, mermen, and other merfolk, where every character has secrets, and nothing is what it seems!

“The Sea Eternal” is an epic interactive fantasy novel by Lynnea Glasser, author of Creatures Such as We and Coloratura, winner of the 2013 Interactive Fiction Competition and numerous XYZZY awards. Your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–283,000 words, without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

The whales have granted the merfolk eternal life, and asked you for so little in return. Defense against the giant squid. Secrecy from humans. But when a rogue mermaid tries to destroy the gift of immortality, ancient secrets rise from the depths, and the delicate balance of society rests in your hands.

Will you fight to protect your immortality, or surrender it for a higher cause? Will you choose sides in the neverending war between the whales and the giant squid? Will your undying love save the City of Glass, or destroy it?

  • Decide what being a hero means to you, with over 10 unique endings
  • Choose your own mer-self, with multiple gender and orientation options available
  • Play alongside similarly diverse characters
  • Romance human visitors to the underwater city
  • Earn the trust of nuanced characters
  • Break their trust
  • Pick up the pieces of your shattered relationships

We hope you enjoy playing The Sea Eternal. We encourage you to tell your friends about it, and recommend the game on StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Don’t forget: our initial download rate determines our ranking on the App Store. The more times you download in the first week, the better our games will rank.


Anyone played this yet?

Yes. I enjoyed it :slight_smile:


I beta tested and quite liked it. (Haven’t had a chance to look at the final release)

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I haven’t had the time to properly replay the game enough times yet but can anyone confirm whether Tamru and Flynn/Faye are the only ROs?

Bug found

Liyu pushes her hands at you as if to splash you playfully. “Vive la revolution!” she say#{VerbS}.

The error being the #{VerbS} showing up in the text. Looking at the games code it’s in the Cinza Triumph.txt

When I try to buy it the link goes to Steam. Can I buy the game on the website itself like with other games?

Where’s the branch point for the squid path I thought I did every thing right to make peace and there was a strange disconnect where the story never mentions what happens to the squid I rescued and was nice to like not even what happened to them during the battle.


Hey, author here. Just wanted to say that if anyone’s interested in reading the developer notes about the game, you can check that out here:

It contains some spoilers, and you might even be able to try and mine it for info on all the different endings. Enjoy!


I went in with few expectations and enjoyed my first session. I will be replaying it for new endings and I feel it works well for an enjoyable read.

The mer-world has a lot of potential for future works and I look forward to any future works.

@LGlasser Great articles. They’re a fascinating read. There’s a typo in the link to the Choice Structure post though.

Thanks! Should be fixed now:


I also want to know !

That was quite a thought provoking story.

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Only played through the demo, but I quite like what I’ve seen so far!

This is one of the most well written games I’ve played in a long time period. Like Zanite said, it’s so thought provoking and clever and handled a lot of relevant issues (like genderism, casual racism, etc etc) magnificently.


Wow, great game. Easily one of my favorite new releases in a long time. I’m having trouble going any route other than the status quo, but I’m hoping that I can find some others. I’m also hoping Cinza is romanceable..

This game really gives me a creepy vibe, but in a good way. My first (so far) playthrough ended with some notably terrifying elements introduced, and sorta brings up a question of the morality of the whole Whale overlords’ gift. Really well done, can’t wait to play another round.


I just finished a couple of playthroughs and found it interesting and thought provoking in the right sort of way. However in the ‘endgame’ surrounding the final squid attack I saw things that I think referred to other game pathways even though I had not chosen to go down them.

Anyone noticed this?

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I think I do, though I’d have to play again to pinpoint exactly what happened.