The Sea Eternal — What will you sacrifice for immortality?

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I’m addressing some issues where it’s not clear that deciding to help specific people in specific ways at the whale ceremony closes off the squid path. Do you two think that’s what happened to you, or do you think it was something else?

I really loved the game but I was romancing Faye, but chose to destroy the orb and the alliance with the whales. While I understand why that would stop a romance, the game instead acted as if Faye and I were never even a thing, even having Faye ask me if I would have destroyed the orb if I knew she was trans, when I did. I was also a bit disappointed with how the subplot was handled. I wish I had a way to talk about how us merfolk didn’t really have genders assigned to bodies during that talk, and an option to talk to Faye about whether or not she felt comfortable with my choosing free will over the whales, even if it made it impossible for her wish to be granted. I was a little sad that even though I could sacrifice my people and my people’s free will for Liyu and Faye, I could not bring up the idea of sacrifice on their part, if that makes sense. It made the relationships feel a bit uneven on the part of equal roles in them.
Still, I enjoyed that a character was definitely black and not “left up for interpretation” and a trans woman were definite love interests. Not a lot of games do that, and it’s important that they are able to receive the same level of care and representation that white and cis people get so often.


I loved the game. I liked the moral dilemma and choices that were presented. I liked the characters are lot even though I would have wished some more interactions with some of the npc’s.

I chose to destroy the orb by dropping the city on it. But then after the fighting was over I was sent to check on the chains and suspension and no damage was mentioned afterwards.

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In the game I just played, I chose to help Tamru though the transformation and after it occurred I spotted a mention of them with legs. Specifically:

Tamru playfully kicks a foot…

Which occurs in the post squid attack on the city scene after Tamu in this game been transformed.

Sorry, looks like a variable didn’t get set. Submitting the fix.

You should have instead had a conversation with the humans who were trying their hands at some rock carving since all the merfolk were picking over the ruins of the city. Thanks for the detailed info! :smiley:

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flynn has decided to become a woman , can you change it ?

I had a romance with faye

Thanks you

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Are you asking if it’s possible to keep Flynn as Flynn? If that’s what you’re asking, the short answer is no. Faye is how they choose to identify as once they have the liberty to do so. To take that away from them is to take away a portion of their character, and that wouldn’t be fair to either them or the author, really.

If that’s not what you meant… elaborate? :hushed:


It’s exactly that !! Thanks you for your answer :slight_smile:

Overall, I really liked the game!

It has a different and interesting setting, and I’ve always loved merfolk-related material.

Imho, however, the only downtime, to be brought up in a purely constructive way is the… ‘forceful’ and unnatural sort of progressive existentialism which is unlike of most CoG games that manage to blend this element more smoothly and immersively…

It felt a lot like that new Ghostbusters movie… Trying to grab a lot of concepts you’d find in an average Tumblr discussion and simply squeezing as much of it inside a story and lineup that ends up lackluster itself, and specially, as said up there, unnatural. The base and concept are great, and they took a nice path through the game, but it feels somewhat incomplete, disconnected and bland in regards to what it could be made into…

I absolutely -love- the endless variety of all sorts to be found on most CoG games, always in a flowing, natural and immersive way, but I felt this one diverted too much from the main plot to bring the attention up to what didn’t feel too connected to the story… Of course, that may have been the intention, too, of the game itself!

Again, though, it’s just my mere opinion about it - overall I still consider it a really nice addition to the collection and an enjoyable one! :relaxed:

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What sucked about the game was all Romance Options were female (except the MC’s human ex). I have my preferences set on male,

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There’s only 2 ros right?

Thats what some of the people said when I read the comments here, but I’m not sure because I haven’t finished reading yet (I get bored easily if the ROs dont interest me) but the others (all females) seem available because there are like options to flirt or comfort them, but again maybe not. :worried:

Just a quick shout-out to Lynnea Glasser, whose game The Sea Eternal was highlighted in the following article:

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