The Sea Eternal achievements

Hi there! I’ve been obsessed with The Sea Eternal since it came out–5 hours recorded on Steam, plus however long I spent playing on my phone before that. I’ve been getting frustrated with some of the achievements, so I figured I’d start a help thread. I’ll post what I’ve figured out, and anyone can add what they know.
NOTE: These are the Steam achievements, not the Game Center ones, but feel free to add those too.

Achievements I’m certain about:

  • Annoyingly Curious: After returning to the city with your catch, go visit the Orb of Eternity. Keep asking to examine it closer. If you don’t suggest that you can go find its keeper before you suggest that it’s fake, you won’t get the achievement.
  • Eye for a Giant Eye: During the squid battle, choose to fight giant squid every time you’re given a choice. Also, try to take out extra squid in the aftermath.
  • Protect Your Own: During the squid battle, choose to save merpeople every time you get a choice.
  • Please Your Patrons: During the squid battle, choose to protect the whales every time you get a choice. Not sure if you also need to ask about the whales in the aftermath.
  • Work With the System: Talk to the lone squid. Take it to see the council instead of hiding it.
  • Foodie: At the whale party, keep taking the food option until you can’t anymore. This won’t cost you any time or put any of the other whale party options out of reach.
  • Dedicated: Escape to land with TAL. When they ask why, choose either of the middle two options. If you try to stay on land too, let them walk away. If you try to go back to the sea alone, change your mind once they fall.
  • Enjoy the Magic: Get Faye turned into a mermaid by the whales. Talk to her at the whale party, then follow through on your promise to go with her.
  • Tails Every Time: Exactly what it says on the tin. Stay in the water every time there’s a chance to go on land. This includes inside the ship and the ballasts. It doesn’t matter how many times you get the choice to go on land as long as you turn it down.
  • Human Confident: Just generally be nice to T/A/L and Flynn/Faye. Giving them a choice in what to do and asking them questions are both easy ways to do this.
  • A Taste of Land: Get up into the cargo ship with Flynn and TAL when they invite you.
  • Sort of Like Land: Walk in a ballast. The only way I’ve figured out is to help Estre and Arraia rescue Cinza during the whale party, because that choice has your character climbing up to save her. Doing work on the ballasts doesn’t net you the achievement.
  • Married to the Land: Walk on real land. The only way I’ve figured out so far is to escape with TAL at the whale ceremony.
  • A Fair Trade: When helping deal with Cinza’s punishment (if you didn’t take a path that gets rid of the whales), find out all about her motives, then volunteer to become an Everwarden and let her take over your maintenance job.
  • Insider Information: After getting back to the city, go to check on Cinza, and choose “swim right up”.
  • You Don’t Need Magic: First, Faye has to open up to you about being trans. Next, confront Tephra at the whale party about her not accepting Faye. Then, convince Faye that she doesn’t need magic to be herself because everyone will support her, and defend her against Tephra.
  • True Friends: The romance ending with TAL. Be supportive of them, ask them questions, let them make their own decisions. At the whale party, offer to run away together, then confirm you’re serious. When they ask why, say it just makes sense. (You need at least 70% Bold, although it might be 70% Independence instead, I forgot to check.) And you both lived immortally ever after on land together.
  • Escape While You Can: Don’t even approach the lone squid. Don’t attack it, don’t talk to it, just guide the humans away from it.

Achievements I don’t know exactly how to get:

  • Honorary Landlubber: The opposite of Tails Every Time. I’m not sure if you need to walk in the ballast and escape to land to complete this, or if it’s enough to just take every chance you get a la Tails Every Time.
  • Full Circle, Broken Orb: Break the orb. There are multiple paths to this, but I’m not sure how to get each one. One involves breaking it as a sign of good faith to the squid, one involves dropping the city on it to escape the whales’ influence.
  • In Training: In the squid battle, work really hard/be really ambitious. I’m not sure what exactly this entails, but I have the medal for it.
  • Dilettante: In the squid battle, help out in a bunch of different places. Not sure I’ve helped in the right places yet.
  • Wholesome Fun: Take the squid path. Since I’m not sure about the requirements for that path, I’m not sure about the achievement.
  • So, This is Mortality: Become mortal. I’ve gotten this by pissing the whales off enough that they take immortality away and by killing the whales off, but also by breaking the orb. There may be more ways.
  • An End to Loneliness: Let TAL become a merperson. I can’t remember if the only requirement for this is talking to them at the whale party (and following through), or if you have to do something else beforehand.
  • Redeem Cinza: Free Cinza so she can help you fight the squid. I forget how you get here, though, but I don’t think it’s by taking one of the options where you help her escape. Not sure.

Achievements I have ideas about but haven’t gotten:

  • All in the Mind: Something to do with the squid path?
  • Best of Both Worlds: Something to do with land…? Or immortality…? Or squid…? I really have no idea.
  • Mistakes Were Made: Take the squid path, then apologize and let Elho go? Maybe? Something where you screw up and then apologize.
  • Tattletale: I thought you had to choose to hide the lone squid, then at the whale party, find Ichtare and tell them that Arraia was keeping a squid secretly. That didn’t work.
  • True Love: The romance ending with Faye?
  • The Prodigal Human: I escaped with TAL then tried to turn back when they suggested something’s wrong, but it didn’t work.
  • Take No Chances: ?

Could I suggest adding spoiler tags around how to get each achievement? If anyone’s forgotten, they look like this:
[spoiler] [/spoiler]

That way, if someone is looking for help on a specific one, they won’t accidentally read an answer they weren’t looking for.

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Oh, I hadn’t even thought of that. I’ll fix it. Thanks!

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Is it possible to romance Arriete or Cinza or anyone else really outside of the humans?

I’ve played it about 4 times, though I usually get shoehorned into the Liyu ending.

As far as I know, T/A/L and Faye are the only RO’s. You don’t have enough chances to try to talk with Cinza no matter what path you play, Arraia and Estre are both off-limits because of their intense relationship, and Tephra is too much an antagonist to be a choice (not to mention the same limited interaction that makes Cinza not an option). And I think it should be obvious why Ceph, Elho and Ichtare aren’t options.
That covers all of the named characters, I’m pretty sure.


I’m getting very frustrated on getting Faye’s romance ending. I’ve been her confidant, kissed her, told Tephra I’d kissed her, asked her if she still wants to try being with me once she’s a mermaid, and even still part of the text when Tephra attacks T/A/L includes something like “Your mind reels. Steal her? But you aren’t even romantic with her!”
Like, no, I very obviously AM romantic with her! I literally just confirmed that! Any tips on what I’m doing wrong?

For “Take No Chances”: I think it unlocks (at least it did so for me) when you kill the giant squid right away. (The one you can take back to the city, give a name etc.)!

I hope that helps :wink:

Any idea how to get your memories of being a human back?

Despite several tries, I was never able to get Faye to ‘stay’ as a romance option after she transformed either! I wonder if there was a glitch in the game mechanics? The only other achievement I couldn’t get was telling all to the merfolk chief (can’t remember its name, as I no longer have the game).