The Sea Eternal Walkthrough

I wanted to keep track of choices made that effect the status bars (independent/respectful and bold/patient) but not relationship statuses. Unless of course anyone else would like that. I am open to other people sharing what they have chosen and how they found it effects their status bars.

  1. the beginning
    a. First, catch some pilot fish.
    -I couldn’t have known. (+5 patience)
    -I might get picked as a replacement.
    -I should be preparing for a search party not a party-party.
    -If I had been picked, I might have failed anyway.
    b. Search the nearby reefs.
    -I should be prepairing to take Tephra’s place instead of moping.
    -I’m out in the wild trying to get my mind off things.
    -I’m just thankful for how long I’ve lived. (+4% patience)
    -There’s no shame in accepting the inevitable.
    c. Press further into the open ocean.
    -Forget this, lose yourself in the ocean.
    -Do not lose sight of the long term. Just one more place to look.
    -I don’t want to be alone. Return to my friends instead.
    d. Check the surface.
    e. Return to the city empty-handed.

I decided to extend this thread myself since I am having problems figuring out the stats / decisions I have to make for certain achievements. I will try to keep this simple and clear for everyone to understand! Feel free to report any error or add something yourself.

This is - obviously - not spoiler free so read with caution / after you finished your first PT.

The Sea Eternal - Walkthrough Help

Hi everyone. I’m sorry if this has been asked before. but who are the love interests in the Sea Eternal? and thanks :slight_smile: