The Scarlet Legacy WIP

This interests me, and I’m an imperial monarchist…

So, for starters, we should have the lady crusader as a romance option.
And do spend a bit of time describing our romance option’s features.
Nothing spells love like a guilt-ridden lady knight and ogling.

The MC’s sister dies but we can hear her voice later?
That’s interesting, although I am hoping that she does come back either in a supernatural way or that she healed and gotten stronger with her magic.
I adored her tender and caring nature.

You should also consider adding a lore page for all the information about the factions and baddies in your story because I got a bit lost with the Crimson and the Crusaders talking.

Grandfather of the Order should be called Grandmaster, or some other religions title like Knight-Archimandrite.

And what’s up with the Crusaders showing up in the village? Did the MC’s father sold him/her out?

I could help out with the coding and grammar, but I’m not sure in what capacity since I’m a Dudblood.

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I hope we can meet those 2 Crusader and our father I know we killed one Personally this is a vendetta against Them Personally I think our father sold us out for money Dangerous thing about alcohol it can turn people into monsters It’s addictive like any other drug if been used too much The 2 Crusaders played it like it was a game like it was no big deal that might bite him in the end or their families depending on what type of character we are Or how spiteful we are It’s a saying be aware of the people who have nothing to lose they are the most dangerous ones out there Don’t care about the consequences

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God damn it I read it again and I love the Asher The either woke up a dragon just ascended at the scarlet Warriors knowing they won’t retreat or they will retreat and they can just eliminate 1 by 1 To me there our brilliant rebel groups in personal belief if there are people but nothing about them I think they’re more Intelligent Using a dragon like this If they did it in the 2nd they’re not following the Scarlett’s guidelines they think they’re wrong to have an Battlefield that’s why most of them were planning to get drunken thinking it will be there last day not worried about an ambush because they didn’t think they were that smart knowing them they’re just remnants Me I’ll put my hat in the Asher to me I feel like I would gladly join them if I get to know them Me I don’t think they’re monstersI think there’s sick and tired of father Demanding their blood

I don’t know if it’s the end but I get a error when choosing to try to let go

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