The Rotting World (Working title) (WIP)

The Rotting World

A scientist’s big mistake caused the end of the world. Before the government had attempted to stop it, the infected quickly fill the towns across the country. The number of infected people increase significantly as the human population greatly decrease.

Can you survive this cruel, lawless world?

Note: It’s not a zombie story.


  • Choose your gender, sexuality and appearance.
  • Play as evil or good character.
  • Be a leader or member of the group.
  • Make war or peace with the other survivors.
  • Romance a character or get into a love triangle.



it gave me this when I tried to click on the stat
choicescript_stats line 9: Non-existent variable ‘evil’

inconsistence in the writing

“Is the patient ready, Jessica?” The man asks his wife, pushing his glasses up higher on his bulbous nose. “I can’t believe I’m really doing it.”

“If this cure works, you will finally get the recognition you deserve, John,” Jessica whispers, blonde curls framing her face. She flips the piece of paper over and scans the names on the page. She clenches her jaw so tight that her skull aches. Her husband has been working on this cure for years. It has to work…

later on

“I-I’m Jessica, your father’s friend,” Jessica pauses, swallowing forcefully. “He made a mistake… Oh God… He made a big mistake!”

Edit: startup line 465: Non-existent variable ‘dishonesty’
Edit 2:startup line 653: Non-existent variable ‘evil’


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like the game hope you keep on going

It’s really good and specially that’s your father started it some when survivors finds out they all will try and kill you and that

So will you be able to choose what job you had be before it all happend.

There’s too many errors for me to give input I ran into one at nearly every choice

I like this! I ran into a few bugs, so I decided to read the code instead. I’m excited to see where you’re going with it.

Bellamy is decidedly my type :smirk:

Wait… I’m so confused… is Jessica is our mom or not??





  • All bugs are fixed
  • Stats screen is fixed

Sounds pretty good. Send me in!!!

I really like it so far, cant wait to keep reading

love the this game because it showing how this start

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