The Rogue Royal

Gah! Hi! This is the very first WIP I have ever made, and it is very much in the first stages of development. There’s no demo yet, but there’ll likely be soon. I hope you enjoy it! Please be kind in your comments and tell me if you find any issues in the upcoming demo, pretty please!

The Rogue Royal is a fantasy interactive wip that is very much based around characters.

You play as a royal, who, because of an ongoing conflict that threatens to break into an all-out war, must leave their kingdom and infiltrate the palace of their foes. You take on the alias of a fallen noble and are assigned as a tutor to the youngest prince. However, you quickly find that the royal family isn’t all they appear. From the oldest prince’s flirtatious attitude, the princess’ fascination with your kingdom, and to the young prince’s sweet and doting nature, you can’t help but be wary. Will you find yourself swayed by the people you meet, or keep your heart icy and fulfill the job your father gave you?

The MC:

Customizable and nameable! (male, female, or non-binary!)

Personality Stats!

A royal! (with the option to choose your skills and what you’ll teach your small prince student.)


(My favorite aspect :eyes:.)

The Flirtatious Prince.

The Academic Princess.

The Longing Knight.

The Tavern Girl. (Though, is that all she is?)

Current State of The Demo:
The Prologue is done! Chapter 1 is only just getting started but I wanted to post a demo! Let me know if there are any errors and feel free to ask questions on my Tumblr!


Thank you, I love it, I need more. It was a lovely demo! I can tell I’m gonna love the whole thing already. I really liked the variety of choices, I never felt like wanting to choose something for MC and not being able to. I’m already simping for Liam. Knight Who Longs in Secret for The Royal They Must Protect is one of the best tropes. Gimme more of that.

I’d have liked to have more physical descriptions of the characters, though! MC isn’t necessary, but especially Liam and Eleanor (who are ROs, I believe?). I always like to have a clear image of the characters in mind, especially if they’re important!

I’ll keep checking this thread, looks very promising!


Well, I’d like to give this a shot except I get a 404 not found message when I click the demo link-

I’d give it a try as well but just like the person above me, I also got a 404 message after clicking the link ;-;

I bookmarked it though because it looks promising and I’m really, really interested oof

I tried again and it works for me? Try this?

@salvation @PrismaticSpace


@Kirlett oh thank you! It works now

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@salvation @PrismaticSpace Yes, sorry, I’ve fixed it!


So far, I didn’t spot any typos. Look forward to seeing how the plot develops


This looks a LOT like ‘Rise of Etrea: The Royal Spy’

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Oi @Celeste_Moore this is good so far…


Short, but looks really good so far. I’m keeping an eye on this one.

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Its too short for me to share my opinion, but i think its good. Can’t wait for your next update.


Looking forward to more updates! It’s awesome~


it’s short but I think it’s really promising :smiley:

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Okay it’s still so short but I already intrigued :grin:
I can’t wait to meet the ROs, but at first I kinda confused when suddenly this Liam came out without any explanation about who he is etc or is it intended like that??

Good work and stay healthy :+1:


Oh my goodness I love it so far I really hope Liam is a Ro! I’m excited to see more of this story keep up the great work :grinning:

Pretty positive he is considering he fits the description of the longing knight lol


Yo dude, the save function is pretty chill. Maybe you could add it or something. But no really, it really help in testing.

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