The result of my "Writer's Block"

Again thanks for all the suggestions to my “Writers Block” Post.

So anyway I took some of the advice that was given including just leaving it alone and focusing on somthing else.

Well this is the result of it. I know that there are some issues, (And it’s totally NOT ballanced) because I did it all in one night about 7 hours it’s interesting.

Note: When ever you buy or sell it grabs a new set of prices… I will fix that tonight or tomorrow.

Ooooooooops the link seems to be dead. I may have messed up the folders… Check again in about 15 minutes. I should have it fixed by then sorry.

I’m a bit confused as to the goal of it and everything.
And in researching the hull, capacity is spelt “capasity.”

Otherwise, the concept seems interesting.

… Lol blade its like the game star trader rpg … on the android market…