The Resident ("You-Are-A-Ghost" Game) W.I.P


Choice of Games Project
“The Resident”

A family of four moves into an old house, which turns out to be occupied by a ghost— you.

Since your spirit is cursed to be stuck in your ancestral home, the only way you can leave its confines is for you to latch onto another living being. In other words, you must attach yourself to another soul who considers your home as his or her own.

That being said, you can choose to latch yourself onto either Lucas or Ashly.

You can:
* Help the family overcome their problems or aggravate it further.

  • You can choose to help Lucas or Ashly in their personal struggles at school or ignore their issues completely.
  • You can help Lucas or Ashly find “the right one” or try to romance them yourself (with a bittersweet end, obviously).
  • Stick with the family for one whole year, before the father’s job demands them to leave for another town.

The Bonaventure Family

  • Arthur Bonaventure — The bustling father. A management accountant.
  • Lillian Bonaventure — The troubled mother. Remains at home.
  • Lucas Bonaventure — The reserved brother. A student under Accountancy.
  • Ashly Bonaventure — The intrepid sister. A student under Fine Arts.
  • Luther — The loyal family pet. The only one who can originally see you.

The Neighbours
The Averel Family — A family of three. Has an two children-- the twins Delian and Diana-- both who makes fun of the Bonaventure kids.

Notable Students of Eastwood University

  • Victor Armstrong — The son of the local judge. Stereotypical jock. Egotistic, serious, but extremely loyal to close friends and to those in “closer relationships” with him.
  • Harold “Harry” Griffiths — Your average man. Typical joker. Charming, funny, and quite a popular philanderer; he may or may not have the tendency to change base on your actions.
  • Elizabeth “Lizzy” Reid — Your resident smartass. Highly intelligent. Calculating, standoffish, but has the capacity to be a warm person to a select few.
  • Vanessa Morrigan — A regular fly on the wall. Incredibly reserved. Quiet, demure, but is exceptionally adept in her classes and can be an incredibly sweet companion.

Version 2 (Updated May 19, 2016)

  1. May 5 '16 Update: Thank you for your amazing “causes of death” suggestions XD Gladdens the heart to see you all engaging with the story. I’ve added Aneurysm and Apnea.

  2. May 19 '16 Update: I’ve had a raging fever for a week, that’s why the uploading is uber delayed, and some of the paragraphs might sound wrong or distorted :grin: Please inform me of any serious bugs and grammatical errors. CHAPTER ONE is added!.. well, at least, a demo of chapter one is added… :sweat_smile:


  1. Once Ashly and Lucas start their first day at Eastwood University, you can unlock their Academic Performance and their Relationships with significant classmates.

  2. Again, note that Ashly and Lucas will have different starting stats, from academic performance, up to their relationships with their family and their classmates.

  3. Ashly’s and Lucas’ personalities will be severely different (so will be my writing style for both of them, so yey for my apparent masochism)

  4. Take note that people around Ashly or Lucas will treat them differently. Relatively, Ashly and Lucas will treat you differently (so be careful (or don’t, go ahead, go crazy) with how you talk and interact with them).

I highly value your comments and opinions, though I sometimes don’t know to respond to them because I’m a great idiot.
You can suggest more “Causes of Death” if the current ones do not fit your fancy (and yes, I’ve considered suicide, but I’m currently avoiding it like the plague due to its issues with sensitivity). The only condition that has to be met is that your character has to die in the house.


Best WIPs of 2016
Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Sounds interesting. I will be eagerly awaiting the demo.


U got me interested for this can’t wait to see them demo :grinning:


Nice! Except I’m thinking inappropriate things after reading this…

  • Lillian Bonaventure — The troubled mother. Remains at home.

How un-knightly of me…

But I digress, this is a unique idea and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


Yeah I can’t wait for this to have a demo!!!


This seems interesting. You said Luther is the one who can “originally” see you, so that means the others eventually will? How would that work. Will your ghost strengthen their presence, or does the family over time start to notice you.

Will the ghost busters exorcists be called?


had me at You are a ghost! I can’t wait to try a demo.


Sounds cool! I like the idea of either helping the family, or forcing them to crash and burn.


I am really intrigued by this WiP. Most other stories have you fighting ghosts and the supernatural. I like the romance angle of it. The tone sounds like an old black and white movie or sort of the old television show Topper or maybe even more recently the movie Ghost. I can’t wait for the demo.


Cool idea. Sounds awesome

In later releases, do you think you’ll update it with the ability to latch to either of the parents (… Or perhaps the dog?)


Sounds like a really cool idea


I like this idea, I’ve toyed with several different versions of it as well. Depending on the tone of the piece, it might be neat if your “hauntings” could be reminiscent of classic horror movies (communicating through the television like in POLTERGEIST or making a hair-golem like THE GRUDGE.)


I love the idea of being a ghost I can’t wait to see the demo


Perhaps grown-ups are too unimaginative/boring/rigid/something for you to properly ‘interface’ with? :blush:

Sounds interesting, @Marvolo, always like seeing new ideas for games, will keep haunting this thread… :ghost:


Looking forward to seeing the the Demo when it comes out.


Hiya :slight_smile: I originally wanted to make the parents available as well, but then I realized that it would be too ambitious, and I knew that I would only get overwhelmed by the multiple points of view from everyone in the family (and this is my first shot in making these kinds of games XD).
So… What I did is that the mother has “an issue”, and I have plans for the father later in the game, so … :wink:


I want to possess the kids and make them commit heinous murders in my name pls.


Damn, at first I already decided I was going to like this idea, and the fact that you’ve gotten an advanced enough skeleton (semi) complete, is amazing!! Hope all goes well! :smiley:


Uh… did i hear somebody say Beetlejuice three times?