Ghost Simulator—You’re dead. Now your story begins

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Hosted Games has a new game for you to play!

You’ve never known what would happen after death. And now that you have woken up in a dusty attic, it is time to figure out what happened to you and meet the family living in your home.

Ghost Simulator is a 300,000-word interactive horror novel by Morton Newberry where you haunt a family in the American countryside.

Customize your powers and be the ghost you never thought you would become. You are the apparition who stands in the darkest corners of the manor and the poltergeist who plays with the furniture. Invade dreams and turn them into nightmares, and possess people to control their actions. Shape the destiny of those living in the place you once called home.

Speaking of them, you will not only meet the Brooks family but delve into the intimate details of their everyday lives. Samantha is a writer who moved in with her family in search of inspiration for her next novel—and she might not like what she finds. Samantha is married to Michael, a nurse anesthetist haunted—among other things—by his past. Ollie and Amber, the teenage siblings, try to find their place in the world while living with a dead person. Together, this family will become the key to understanding your past life—and humanity itself. 

Scare the Brooks family, shatter their hearts, and annihilate their dreams. Or protect them, help them find love, and encourage their ambitions. In uncovering the circumstances of your death, you may find that this family’s story is more entwined with your own than you had realized.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary. Death embraces everyone, after all.
  • Attend a family dinner as an uninvited—and dead—guest.
  • Recall the person you once loved. Are they still alive?
  • Disrupt the lives of the Brooks family—or become the new family member.
  • Turn skeptics into believers—or use your powers without drawing attention.
  • Help a horror writer to pen a best-selling novel—or destroy her work completely.
  • Choose your ghostly powers, such as possessing the living and invading their dreams.
  • Protect a haunted man from himself—or let him descend into a spiral of self-destruction.
  • Help a teenager impress his highschool sweetheart—or destroy their relationship.
  • Go to the first Halloween party since your death. People might even play with Ouija boards!

This is the story of a haunted house. A house haunted by you.

Ghost Simulator is 30% off until October 12th!

Morton developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.


Oh crap! Something else I never knew I wanted to do. Boo! Boo, I say!


I went to buy this through Google Play but it told me that it wasn’t available in my country. I’m in the U.S. Is that intended or is that a mistake that needs fixed?


Some friends in Europe are having this issue as well. I think (and hope) it’ll be available soon!


Okay. Thanks for letting me know!


Why is this game unavailable in the UK?

It’s a mistake they’re working on.


Been waiting on this for a while, hope the unavailability issue gets resolved soon


Congratulations on the release! I had a lot of fun playing the demo, and there’s no better way to get immersed in the spooky season than with some more ghostly shenanigans! :ghost: :smiling_face:

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To clarify, the game is available through the Hosted Games omnibus, on Steam, and on our website. The issue (which has been fixed but is in review by Google) affects only the standalone Google Play app. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience; hopefully, the fix will be approved soon.


I normally would be annoyed, but. Its just funny how it works everywhere else, but specifically on google play it decided to flatline


Having really enjoyed this game during the beta process, I’m glad to see there’s so much interest. I promise y’all waiting for the fix that this is one worth waiting for!


You can still get it on Google Play if you use the Hosted Games app instead, if you’d like. We can also help you transfer it to the standalone Ghost Simulator app once it’s available if you write into

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Aaaah! Been waiting for this for so long, but damn Google Play…

Will wait for the fix. Good luck!


Enjoyed the game, how do you Prevent Michael Brooks from being shot and dying,

It should be available as of a few hours ago. Is anyone seeing it on GPS standalone?

Nope! Not available on any of my devices. (Aust.)

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Here is how I did it: you need to have the Poltergeist power. Go for Violet immediately in the fight by dropping a painting on her head. Then attack the minions, which causes one of them to drop his gun when he’s knocked out. Pick up the gun and shoot Violet in the head. She is dead for real this time, and William/Lily and all the Brooks survive. However, it is a bit anticlimactic and William/Lily is injured (but survives the final battle).


I (in the United States) had to search for “ghost simulator hosted games” to get it to come up, but I was able to find it, install it, and open the app.

Here’s the link:


I was able to download it when i clicked on the buy it now opition on the hosted site but if i clicked on the google play button on same page it came up as unavailable.