The Realm of Stars (WIP)

I’ve begun work on my new game Realm of the Stars. In it, you play as a peasant child in a medieval fantasy kingdom… although you won’t be a peasant for long, if all goes well. It’s kind of inspired by “The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante” in terms of tone and style.

In terms of the overall broad sweeps of what the game is planned to have:
-You can play as male or female, or change your sex with ancient magic
-You will fight in a provincial civil war, either on the side of the uprising peasants, or on the side of the nobles.
-You may choose to try to secede from the Realm or try to become monarch yourself
-You must save the Realm from a rising, hungry sea that will attempt to drown your entire continent.
-You may align yourself with various magical factions, including the official Star-worshipping religion, an enigmatic Cult with phoenix/fire powers, or the shapeshifters of the forest.
-You may potentially fulfil an ancient prophecy regarding an ice-dragon.

Potential Future Romantic Options:
-Hugo von Falkenhayn, the son of the Duke of the province you live in.
-Derik von Galishoff, the Crown Prince.
-Jaspis, an inquisitor of the Phoenix Cult.
-Matteo, a potential childhood friend of yours (although I might just have him be a platonic friend rather than a love interest)
-Lorienne, a Duchess of the Eastern provinces.
-Katua, a shapeshifter girl from the forest who can transform into a wolf.
-Brigitta, the daughter of an outlaw.

To play the demo, go here:

Edit: I now have a stats screen, but tbh take all the stats with a grain of salt. I expect some will become irrelevant or merged as I keep working on this.

I’m releasing this really early demo because I wanted feedback about the concept and direction for my first game.

Please vote in the feedback poll in post 52 if you can!

Current Progress (planned 7 to 10 chapters)
Prologue: Early Childhood and Character Gen.
Chapter 1: A family tragedy, and its aftermath.
Chapter 2: You meet two very different boys, who, dead or alive, may come to shape the fate of both the nation and your own.
Chapter 3: Currently still in progress. You will undertake an apprenticeship into who you will one day become. The seeds of civil war begin to bloom.

Update 11/18/2021: I have now added a second arc of sorts to the demo. Have randomtested it so shouldn’t have any issues, fingers crossed!


Hello! Liking the story so far. You are an incredibly talented writer! Just want to say that I encountered a bug.


The bug should be fixed! thanks for pointing it out haha

What you got so far is really quite good. I like it and can’t wait to see what happens next. One question, will you be adding a save function?

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

typos and such

It would be as a conscript

Also, when we persuade our mother to give up her rosary beads, she says we have to stay at home. In the next paragraph, it says “all four of you head to the quarries”
In the same paragraph our younger siblings gender is changed.

  1. will we have opportunities for wars/battles in the future with armies and will it be more fictional than a normal medieval battle?

2)Also, after retrieving father’s body the option for giving him a burial according to the rites of the Phoenix cult is greyed out, is it because the story for that part is not integrated in the game yet?

Great premise, the phoenix cult and the ice dragon part were really fleshed out so it was quite immersive. I really like the premise and the pacing as well.

Best of luck🍻


Stat screen doesn’t work. Also don’t forget to change the title and author’s name in the game. Good luck!


(This is my first post so please excuse any errors I make with community engagement. :sweat: )
The world-building is absolutely amazing! It definitely speaks to the well-written quality of your work! The lore about the Three Faiths has me so intrigued! I do wish that I could get a sense of the skills and traits I was building up, but it so far provided no hindrance to my playthrough that the stat screen was not yet employable.

I found the provided look into Choice of the Dragon super helpful while working on my own WIP. Choice of Dragon Startup File! This may help you navigate how to allow the option for custom names and surnames (if you are set on doing so). I’m a slow learner so it took me a while to piece together, but I hope this resource helps. (There may be other posts on the forums with more specified guides I am not aware of though, so apologies if this isn’t useful. Essentially, the variable name “” is key, though you can title it something else if you wish such as mc_name “” or first_name “” then another variable of surname “” or etc.)

Overall: Fantastic!


I’ll add a compliment to the heap - your writing is truly spectacular. You have an incredible grasp on how to use time to tell the story you need (without the travel through time being too jolting for the reader’s senses) as well as on which information is to be disclosed when for maximum effect. When MC’s father died all of a sudden, it managed to evoke surprise and despair when I only knew him for a handful of scenes. Some stories don’t manage to make one feel anything even after they’re mostly over.

A separate note:

Then, to your surprise, she tells you and your younger brother to stay at home. “I will accompany the warden, to make sure his body is freed.”

I’m pretty sure my MC was mentioned earlier to have a little sister! Unfortunately I cannot find the scene where she was mentioned, but I am confident that there has been an error here somewhere.

Best of luck :white_flower:


its always loading when i open the show status

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the author mentioned that they are currently working on the stats so its like that


Sounds interesting and a bit like a Chinese drama

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Thanks!!! I will add a save function once we get up to the civil war arc. Honestly I don’t think the game is long enough to need one yet.

There will definitely be battles! Some of them will hew more closely to standard medieval warfare. But most of them won’t, because this is fantasy and there will potentially be magic, etc.

In reply to your phoenix cult burial question The phoenix cult burial choice is only meant to be able to be selected if you pick certain choices earlier! I’m not sure if greying it out is the better choice or if I should just hide it altogether if it’s not available…

Thanks!! I probably should change it sooner rather than later, lest I have to go back and fix 70+ count variables for the Wilhelm/Wilhelmine pairs I’ve written into the code thus far heh

When you accidentally typo the gender of your MC’s sister szzzzz this will be fixed in the next hour or two.

Since lots of people want a stats screen, I’ll try to put one up by the end of today, but tbh it will not be comprehensive and most of the stats are still in flux and defs not finalised anyway.


Personally, I’d suggest keeping it greyed out. That way if we don’t get the option we can make another playthrough later to get that choice. Otherwise we may remain unaware of such a choice route even existing if it is hidden altogether.


Thanks for the feedback!!

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I just read the demo; I love the worldbuilding you have going on, and I really like your writing style! I don’t have much else to say for now, it seems like you’re doing pretty well.

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Hi there. It’s been a good read so far but I found a bug

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Can we change our name? overall muahahahah more kingdom building


I’ve been having trouble on the screen when the mc buries the father following his faith. It just keeps loading and loading. Is that the end of the story?

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So far I like the story but after [Spoiler] the burial of your father[\spoiler] the game is not loading the next chapter or to say it more accurate it does not stop the loading


thanks for pointing that bug out!!! have fixed it.

Fixed bug related to handed variable by eliminating it altogether :^) For now, I’ve made it so the character is left handed like me (muahaha) but would that bother anyone? Would people prefer to choose their dominant hand as a cosmetic feature at the beginning or nah… i was thinking that would be a boring choice but…

yes. when i can be bothered to implement it, you will be able to choose a name. so probably not for two more updates altho it will be in the final product.

So the burial arc is what I’ve uploaded so far so there’s no content after that. you should be brought to an temporary ending page. I figured out why it wasn’t bringing u to that page and have fixed it.

Thanks for the patience everyone!!