The Realm of Stars (WIP)

So, the concept is awesome and i kinda want to try all of the routes you have planned, because they all sound really interesting.
Also, all of the RO´s seem great and really diverse. I think you should keep Matteo as a RO, so at least one of them is a peasant, that would also be really interesting and potentially conflicting for some MC´s

Now, the game in itself is very well written, but, like some people pointed out, there are a few small mistakes, for example:

From then on, you always paid attention to the stories about the statesmen and women famed throughout history. You memorised your favourite speeches so that you could recite and deliver them from memory. Even though you were no more than a peasant, the son of a quarrier and a herder, you found yourself dreaming, in flights of fancy, of delivering a speech one day as great and profound as the speech given by King Ademir.

I am playing as a girl, so here my MC was gender flipped.

Other than that, everything´s great, and i hope to play more of this in the future

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thanks for the feedback!! have fixed that gender bug

tbh the concept comes from a partial work in progress novel draft with multiple POV’s that im retooling, so now you get to date some of them (and a few extra) kek.

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Well I have never seen anyone implement a dominant hand choice in their story, so it wouldn’t bother people much either way probably.

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then you can all be left handed :wink:

less work for me hehe

lefties represent



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This game is great!


@roselilymarigold Is this a re-upload, because I swear I’ve seen that name on the forum somewhere?

Edit: Wait, no. I’m thinking of The Realm of Steel and Shattered Stars. Nevermind.


wow that’s such a cool title!! Too bad I didn’t name my WIP that huh :stuck_out_tongue: maybe I should :wink: although there’s no reason in my story for stars to be shattered… yet…

All jokes aside, I was torn between The Realm of Stars and The Realm of the Sun for my kingdom name. I figured The Realm of Stars fit my main religion better but I honestly might just change it to the latter later on cos it sounds more regal and weighty…

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Lol no. Those are two different games whose titles I was combining in my head to make yours. I had already heard of the WiP The Realm of Steel and the WiP Shattered Stars and I combined them to make The Realm of Stars. Hence why I thought it already existed.

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This is great. Differing religions, black fire magic and a bastard family line? Im hooked!

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  • RO’s have set sexualities and thus may or may not be able to be attracted to MC (realistic, some work to code)
    I prefer this one but, it’s author choice to not use this or other something.
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I tried to put in a poll while on my phone but I don’t think it worked properly so I deleted the prior post. I think in terms of sexuality, there are probably three ways romances can be done…

  1. All RO’s attracted to all genders. This is easy, and flexible, and what I’m leaning towards. It’s strictly not as realistic, but it caters for preference very easily.
  2. RO’s have varied sexualities that are set. Some will be straight, gay or bi. This increases realism, but will restrict the number of RO’s available to any given player. I think there will be some work needed to code, but since it’s set it shouldn’t be too much work…
  3. RO’s will be coded to always be attracted to whatever gender the MC is, but will have varying sexualities. This balances the other two options, but is a total bitch to code for a CS beginner like me. In fact, I probably won’t go with this option unless the support is very strong for this.
  • All RO’s attracted to all genders
  • RO’s have set sexualities
  • RO’s will always be attracted to MC’s gender but have differing sexualities

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this I feel is more appropriate, because even in fantasy settings, it’s still quite unrealistic to have the people of the world to have a preference for every single gender
and, I personally feel that say a guy who is open to all genders in the game, and is flirting with a lesbian MC, would be uncomfortable if not done right

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Yeah, having all romantic option characters be attracted to all genders is wholly unrealistic.

On the other hand, if I have characters with set sexualities, that means the reader will miss out on dating any particular RO because of their gender. For example, a guy attracted to women might only be able to potentially date two out of three three girls I have planned as love interests because one of them isn’t attracted to men.

It’s kind of a tradeoff between realism and escapism, which is why I wanted to see how my readers thought about it.


Unless sexuality is explicitly one of the aspects being explored in-game (ie the game world is historically homophobic so same-sex couples will have a plot line dealing with that), then I wouldn’t arbitrarily lock people out of potential romances in the name of realism. Basically, will the sexualities of the MC and the ROs actually have an impact on the storyline or is this a mechanic that is just going to block certain MCs from certain ROs and do nothing else?

Otherwise, there are plenty of game mechanics in CoGs that are highly unrealistic from gender flippable ROs to the ability to tailor the MCs characteristics in the first place (instead of having them randomly generated like in real life).

I personally find it maddening when this is done and there is no compelling story-related reason for doing so (and generally end up romancing no one in said games as I’m not going for a RO just because he’s the designated gay male option).


I mean, this is an example but, if a straight male mc was to play 2 different times to get 2 different female RO routes, why cant they replay a third time as a lesbian mc to get the lesbian RO? They get to see that path with the RO and experience a different mc. Or keep them the same but just a different gender/sexuality right?

On the other hand i can see it might just be their preference to play the same gender and sexuality. I dont see a problem with locked sexuality. Its more realistic anyways. But some people come to read these for an escape so maybe every ro attracted to the mc regardless of what they are is the way to go. That sounded rude after I read this lol. Nothing wrong with escapism now and then :sweat_smile:

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I see your point there. I think no matter which gender(s) you prefer you will have at least two romantic options available to romance, but it’s possible that a preferred character might not be available if I lock sexualities. Which is definitely a downside, player wise.

At this point I’m not sure whether or not same sex romances will have any additional/differing emotional arcs/plot. Since I have magic that allows you to change your sex once a lifetime, gender and succession dynamics are already kind of funky in this world.


I love this so far, it’s very attention grabbing and the world lore I’ve read so far is so good!.

Can I suggest, if you’re looking to flesh it out a bit to add more to what you have so far (I’m aware it’s only what you’ve written so far), I noticed the MC is aging as we read so it would be cool to “shape” the MC via events during their upbringing and youth.

I look forward to following this as it progresses, goodluck :slight_smile:


EDIT: the issue not letting me fix my first post has been resolved. I’m still working on the next arc, but you should be able to set your first name now!! Again, lmk if there are any bugs.



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