The Race discussion thread

After playing Dragons and Broadsides, a while back, I found these games really enjoyable. Then I saw the new games and got really interested. Now I am making my own!

The game is set around a race which takes part in Peru. You compete with a (chosen) partner against couples from other countries (similar to the Amazing Race). So far I have done the character creation section and the first scene. All the other scenes have been planned.

Does this sound like a game that would be appealing?


Yes, it does sound fun! You going to provide a demo?

sounds brilliant!

Will sort out a demo when I get a bit further into it. Still feeling my way (in terms of programming) but I have the story mapped out. Also found a great site to plan scenes -

That sounds like a great idea, I’d love to try out a demo. If you have any programming trouble, you can get help in the google group:

There’s a lot to do and I only started on Wednesday. However, it’s progressing quickly.

I may need the google group for a few things I have in mind. I’m planning to make it in many stages of 3 steps per stage.

  1. general story.
  2. mindmap in
  3. convert to ChoiceScript

This allows me to build up the storyline in the mindmap and it’s easy to keep track in the ChoiceScript.

It also allows me to define clear cut points where all threads will come back together - keeping the general story in line.

Obviously, choices you make in each stage have an impact on what later choices are available to you.

(Sorry for the vague descriptives here - it will make a lot more sense when you play (and hopefully replay) a demo).

no pressure man, take your time. Quality over quantity

I agree with Communist Sam. Most people like CoG because of the quality and fun of the games. If you want your story to be really successful give lots of options have good dialogue and descriptions. Pull us in and do not let us go from your world. Take your time and have fun with it!! :smiley:

Progress is going well. I will release a demo soon. Perhaps over the weekend.

I have a demo ready for you to look at. Please let me know what you think - the more feedback the better (positive and negative). There are a few obvious errors, which I will iron out as I go. Also, play the demo several times as there are a lot of different routes to explore.

Thanks in advance for any comments!


After a joke I got something that doesn’t sound right:

"Okay, whether you liked the joke or not, it’s time to return to the story. We’ve covered the rules. Now it’s time to meet the contestants! Okay, it’s time to meet the contestants! "

I should have a chance to back to the rules :slight_smile:

I was slightly angered when I ‘randomly’ died. That’s a good thing, I want the game :smiley:

I started laughing so hard when it said I died. idk why.

Just a minor error:

“Rule Five…there’s no readon”

Other than that, I enjoyed the excerpt. Good plot line, as far as I can tell.

Hmm, reminded me of the old cyoa books where you basically have brutal endings…except unlike with a book, you can’t flick back and change your choice! Nice set up though, it’s interesting to see where this will go!

The “You have died” comment at the end shouldn’t be there, of course.

Nice spot on the spelling error, Raphael. I’ll change that.
And Myth, I’ll add the option to go back.

Thanks for the comments.

Any suggestions? Things to improve? Other problems?

Comments = motivation - the more the better!

That was weird I expected more but ohh well. Did not see any issues in the begging it just felt like it was about to get good than boom. I am dead and the demo is over. It has a great hook you seem to be doing a good job I think you should add a companion Who is quick and charismatic.

I found a glitch, if you have leone as a partner, and you get dressed (without a shower) and checkup on her, it glitches out.

Thanks Sam. I’ll check up on that.

Querida, I like that idea and I will consider it. However I’m not sure if it would be good to start guessing how your friend would act… Perhaps I’ll save this idea for a future game. At the moment I’m working on building the backgrounds for the three partners - they need more character.