The Prison Escape


You wake up cold and alone in the darkness. Your back is against metal, you’re curled up on a floor, you can’t see anything, are you blind or is there no light?
You feel as if you’ve been sleeping for an eternity.
You slowly lurch to wakefulness. You try to move, only to find your limbs are weak, tired. Your body feels feeble, tired, fragile. . .
You try to speak, to to cough, to take a breath. But your voice is cracked, raspy, barely there, as if someone stole the breath from your lungs.
You try to think, but your mind is fogged, your thoughts gone, and you find yourself able to only ask one question, one thing which is vital to your very existance:
Who am I?
Your body is weak, your voice is but a gasp, and your mind is cracked like a mirror.
At some point, you’ll manage to get up, and some time after that, wander down the hall until you meet another voice, broken and quiet, but more than yours, who will explain that you are in the Prison, in the bottom of an impossibly deep fortress of metal and stone, who’s doors are open but near impossible to walk through, for as long as the Warden still stands, none shall have their freedom.
And then that voice shall offer you a gift. They shall give you a piece of their body, voice, or mind - and in doing so, help restore a piece of yours.
All it will take on your part is a favor to be paid back later.
That doesn’t sound so bad. Right?
Of course, before you can get up and meet the voice, you’ll have to deal with the guard who just wandered into your cell.
All living things suffer in the Prison.
Try not to die.
Because the dead suffer infinitely worse.

In The Prison Escape (working title), you will traverse the largest and deadliest prison known to humanity. At the bottom of the subterranean Prison, you will have to climb your way up through metal and dirt, past traps, other prisoners, and the monsters that masquerade as Guards stalking its halls, all while trying to avoid the Prison taking its due.
You will have three stats: Body, Voice, and Mind. Body governs how well you move, how fast you can run, and how hard you can hit. Voice governs how well you can speak, how well you can mimic others, and how well you can convey what you want or need. Mind governs how much you can remember of your life before you came to the Prison, how well you can rationally think, and how well you can come up with plans.
Get them high enough, and you may become a shred of who you once were.
You can get the pieces needed from other prisoners. They may be willing to trade away pieces of their own nodies, voices, or minds to mend your own, if you help them. Or you can get the pieces from their corpses.
The Guards roaming the place may carry pieces you can use - but you need to be able to kill them first.
And maybe the Prison will give you pieces if yourself back - if you perform services. Such as killing a prisoner who has saved your life a few times. But really - is their life not worth remembering who you are?
And, the Prison is not always so kind. It wants you to pay your dues, after all. Whether you want to or not. Will you be able to keep yourself safe when it does?
And, of course, there’s a bigger problem: the Gates to the Prison are open. While this is normal, and has always been, there is a new inmate amongst the cells.
And it is very hungry.
It’s arrival has caused a new upheaval, prisoners trying to escape before they are it’s next meal.
Bease while the living suffer in the Prison,
the dead suffer far more.

This is an idea I’ve had rolling in my head for a few months, and I decided it would work well in a CoG game. Of course, because I don’t have a computer readily available and am typing this from my phone (Please excuse any misspellings or oddly capitalized or contracted words and letters. My phone’s autocorrect isn’t bright.), it will be a time before I can make this into a demo, much less a finished project. However, I would like to have the idea more developed, and am thus open to discussion for it (and writing it helps. I came up with a few new ideas while typing this out.). Thank you all for reading.
I shall be putting up a list of things I would like to know if the community would be interested in later, when it’s not 2:30 in the morning and I’m 20 minutes away from sleep.


This sounds beautifully surreal, and very interesting. Sounds like the Pit in The Dark Knight Rises on acid. (You can use that quote :wink: )


I’m very intrigued by the concept. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


This game sounds like a one of a kind a first in COG if you will it sounds like the plot of a video game or a book ha but seriously I’m enthralled


Thank you all for your positive feedback!
@gkkiller I’m afraid I haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises. It’s been on my list for a while now, but I never got around to watching it. But I know the quote you are talking about.
One thing I just thought of is making the stats a double edged sword. If your Body Stat is high, you will be stronger, able to move faster, but sometimes your body will move on its own, building things that use up your supplies on useless things, or letting go of a ladder. . . If your Voice Stat is high, you can speak easily, and with conviction, but sometimes it will say things you would rather it wouldn’t have, like revealing deadly secrets. . . If your Mind Stat is high, you can remember yourself more, and think clearly, but you might hear things that aren’t there, or not see things that would be considered important, like an open pit. . .
Though this idea is still in development and I would need to figure out the best way to implement it in game.


This idea sounds very unique and I have to say, I love the sound of it!
Good luck


@Inquisitor13 Will the player know why the MC is in this prison? What if the MC has committed some nasty crimes and actually deserves to stay in?


I don’t think any crime warrants being sent to this prison. Its 100x worse than deadman wonderland


The more your Mind Stat increases, the more you remember of your past life. When you get it to its cap, you’ll remember, otherwise there is a point in a story where you find out from another source.
And no matter what the crime was, nobody deserves the Prison. Whatever the MC did, they have long suffered enough to earn their freedom.
Yeah, @faewkless has it right. Though I haven’t watched Deadman Wonderland. It’s on my list, though.


Like the sound of this - really interesting setting from the sounds of it. Get a good cast of character’s in there as well and you might have something :smiley:


Which is why I need to reach into my big ol bag of character archetypes for ideas on characters.


This sounds really cool. I love the concept. I hope you’ll get a demo out at some point, I’d love to try it out!


Hey, so, I have a quarter mile to walk, it’s 95 degrees out, and it’s been a week since I updated. Perfect time to brainstorm!
I have the character of the person who gives you a favor downpat, their goal and personality and whatnot. Save for how they look and a name. Seriously, names are a pain. As soon as I figure out how to hide spoiler stuff I might post what they’re like.
In the meantime, I have a concept rolling around in my head where there are three radically different ways to get passed one chapter, that will affect the story from that point onwards. Methinks the ways will correlate to your stats, though there won’t be a minimum stat needed to choose any path, and the paths will have ways to go through with any other stat (i.e. Body path will be able to be done using the Voice Stat or Mind Stat as well). There will probably be two people racing you to the top, and whatever you don’t choose, they will (a la Pokemon).
The first chapters will be spent in the dark. The lowest levels of the Prison have no lighting. This will make it difficult to translate to the player exactly what is happening, but I will probably include low ambient sources, enough to make out shapes. And of course, the other senses will play into this.
Either way, that’s all I have time for at the moment. Have a nice day!


You could always just have the player select a name for an NPC if you’re having trouble thinking of one …


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