The Pomodoro-A Time Management Technique

If First, a link for some background:

Link to the referenced Meteorfall blog:

I first heard about this a week or two ago when reading a very fascinating blog entry from the fellow that created Meteorfall, a recently-released mobile roguelike deckbuilder. A brief summation is that it involves dedicating twenty-five uninterrupted, non-multitasking minutes to a project at a stretch, punctuated by a brief five minute rest and then repeat as often as you can. I for one love this idea, and have already implemented it in my new WIP to great effect. Aside from purifying the time you set aside to work, it also gives a quantifiable aspect to your time that you can use to have something to strive to improve. If the best you have managed is two and a half in one strectch, you try to go for three, and so on. Far more effective than a couple hours hammering out scraps of work on Adult Swim commercial breaks.

Has anyone else tried or heard of this technique? And if so, any idea as to its overall viability?

This is how I work, and I find it useful for recording progress and helping me focus. I like the built-in breaks - they make taking some rest time something to look ahead to, rather than try desperately to avoid. Like any working technique, it won’t be for everyone, and different people may want different lengths of time for their pomodoro, but it’s worth giving it a go!

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