The PlanetFall Project (01-29)

Hello, and welcome to The PlanetFall Project! A modern SciFi Horror game, where you will be playing the unwitting recipient of secret government sanctioned experimentations. Discover the marvels, and atrocities, hidden from the general population. Will you assist the government in rectifying their errors, or expose them to the world to atone for their ways?

Currently two chapters completed. This will be updated every two weeks with a new chapter. Demo link to come shortly.


Link to a short trial text up now (01/29/18)


I read star gate and all I can think of is stargate sg1…
But since it’s scifi I’ll like and watch for updates :3

I don’t think you can use stargate its copyright. Y’know from the TV show. Try galaxy gate.


I agree with @matt_smith that the name is most likely going to need an update but I will look forward to other updates as well.

Thanks, made the change.

Soo good can’t wait for demo to check it

Hmm, what’s in it for me?

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I know it’s a bit behind schedule, but uploaded a small sample text to gauge style and writing. Let me know what you think needs work!

Sorry it’s such a short sample. Next update will be out by this weekend. Included are some character customization options. A little further into the mystery! Existing writing will be polished.


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