The Paths to Greatness - BETA TESTING CLOSED



I would like to beta test if possible


Hey I’m interested in beta testing. I’ve not done this a lot but willing to give it a shot.


I would be interested in beta test this game too if it’s still possible ^^


I would also like to test this game :smiley:


Count me in if you have space


I would love to join the testing if there’s still space!


I would like to beta test


Can I be a beta tester


Am I seriously the only one whose sent feedback already? I feel kinda bad now.


Haha it’s fine, don’t feel bad! I just assume that people might need a little time because they’re busy. (:


I would like to participate in the beta testing


Volunteering for the list.


I’d love to still beta test if possible


You’re in for the second round, which will start tomorrow! (:


Thanks I’m glad to be a part Of it


I would really love to test your game, please.?


The great PapaGrohk wishes to inquire if it is too late to become a game tester (that is all):raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman:


Added to the list! (:


Can I beta test for this game too?


I added your name to the list! : D