The Paths to Greatness - BETA TESTING CLOSED



I’m assuming we post things we find in the beta test here for you to see?

Here I noticed it doesn’t say your age


Actually, I would prefer it if you replied to the message I just sent out! (:

Also, the age only shows up after the introduction/the main character’s eighteenth birthday.


Glad to see you added the ability to choose some appearance options though. I’m assuming other people also suggested it?


I would like to beta test if there is space.


I tried to reply to the message you sent out however I think my gmail app messed up because it keeps saying invalid recipient I’ll try to fix this but thank you for notifying me


Auld Lang
May I join?
Seems interesting.


You were actually the only one! But it doesn’t detract from the story in any way so I added it in lol (:

I’ve added you to the list for round three!

That’s weird! I have no idea what might have caused this, sorry. ):

Sure thing! Added to the list for round three!


Just because some people might not get my private message (I know you said it wasn’t working correctly, @ethan_garrick), I wanted to update this thread in order to remind people that have signed up for the second round of beta testing that the link will no longer work after Saturday.

Additionally, there are still many open slots for round three.


I really enjoyed the beta test and thank you for allowing me to play it I’m sorry I have been unable to give much feedback because of my gmail account issue hopefully I can fix it in the future and keep up the good work


I’d like to be in round three? I didn’t give much feedback on one, but my schedule is cleared and I’d be happy to read it again!
Will my save work from round one? It’s fine if it won’t.


Thank you! I hope you get things working soon. (:


I don’t think so – there will be a new link.