The Paths to Greatness - BETA TESTING CLOSED




Thank you to everyone who signed-up and/or gave me feedback! This has been a long and exciting project for me and I am thrilled that so many of you were interested in helping me see it to its conclusion. Be on the look-out for more writing from me, because I’ll be right back with another gamebook sooner than later! (;

Welcome to the island of Primeo! I’m going to be honest, it isn’t all that exciting here. At least not until you are conscripted into the service of a mysterious Emperor that no one has ever heard of, before! There are many paths to greatness, which will you walk?

In The Paths to Greatness,:

  • Learn one of four stat specialties.
  • Meet different characters with unique personalities and reactions.
  • Play as gay, straight, bi, aromantic, or asexual.
  • Have the option of being either a man or a woman.
  • Find love or walk your own path.
  • Take fate into your own hands with one of 15+ endings that change based on the choices you have made.

Approximate word count (I used the word counter in NotePad++ and figured that I would subtract ten percent to account for code): ~168,458 or just round to ~168,460.


Each round will last for one week after I send the link to people or however long it takes them to respond to me less than a week. After a week, I will assume they just got busy and couldn’t give feedback. That’s fine, but I will move on to the next person on my list for the following round. I am going to cap the amount of testers at 15 for now – it might be more or less depending on who responds.

Each new link will be an edit of the previous round’s link.

Also please respond in a timely manner! Thanks again!

People I have messaged/that have messaged me about it (this is just for my own personal record-keeping, if you want me to remove your username just tell me):

Round 1 who didn’t respond: Gamerboy01, masterx, Terrell_Williams, Delena, Damean_WightFlame, Qwtdr, shiaya,

Round 2 who didn’t respond: Sunshade, Whars01, milyjrvis, Mightcould, Rello

Technical issues: Ethan_Garrick

Technical issues, never responded: Dcorderiou, Athenian_Soldier

People from Round 3 that never responded: Vic, CaesarCzech, PapaGrohk, No_This_Is_Patrick, Axe-L-Rose, Hellburner2

Feedback received from: Kanaya, Inessy, Jackpot1776, Harley_Robin_Evans (lots of questions, no feedback), NatsDemilla, MindGlitch, Exeldgamer, lexveloirte, Robert_Snead, Kendra, Ender1 (positive reaction, but no specific feedback), kairu, Codyj89, BigBob, Paradox, Tylar11021

  • Fixed an oversight in chapter 3 where you didn’t have any options to ask about the assassination suspects.
  • Removed placeholder factions from the stats screen.
  • Added basic character customization options.
  • Activated the save plugin feature on dashingdon to make beta testing easier.
  • Fixed infinite loading bar bug at the end of chapter 4. It was going to the public demo chapter 5 instead of the beta chapter 5, which includes the ending.
  • Fixed mistake where player was unable to move forward during the ending.
  • Added “back” button on the stats screen.
  • Game will no longer skip chapter 1.

Round 2 changelog:

  • Added character profiles section to stats screen.
  • Wrote additional side stories/character vignettes to give some of the characters more depth. These are accessed through the character profiles section of the stats screen and are unlocked after you meet or have a certain relationship level with a particular character.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not continue on to chapter 4.4 when on the charisma path and romancing the Emperor.


is it to late to become a game tester?


Hey I’d be more than happy to beta test your game


Nope! I’ll message you and you can see if you want to do it! (:

Okay! I’ll message you some more information!


Hey I’d love to participate in the beta testing for your game !


Can I beta test please


I would like to help you with beta as well.


i can become a tester


Hello, I’m interested in helping with the beta test!


Hi!! I’d love to help you with beta test!!


I’d love to test it!


I’d like to beta test!


Interesting! I’d be willing to Beta Test


What would love to beta test


Sounds fun! I’d love to beta test


A humble creator. I literally just made an account to beta test this. Been lurking too long.


I’d like to beta test as well, I’d it’s still available. :slight_smile:


This seems like it will be an awesome game! I would love to beta test it!


I loved the demo and would love the to be able to beta test!!!


This would be quite interesting to join