The Path of Light

Add the sister’s chosen gets ignored after you rescue her, it refers to her as “Ulmia.”

Thank you for than comment. That is indeed an issue in the second scene.

It seems a bit unfinished, I had a good time but could maybe you could get someone to tweak the paragraph structure a bit.

Hmm i been wondering, you know about the choice. Even without the word,i can still choose the choice? Im not sure i got the word or not but it seem like i still can choose it anyways. Just asking. correct me if im wrong. :-? thank

@Zanite I am happy that you had a good time with it as it was the aim :). The ending is not a cliffhanger but there are a lot of questions to be answered. This is why I am currently writing part 2.

@kazumakiryu If you are talking about the Android version, yes, you can select a choice even if you don’t meet the requirement. Some people like to cheat and I didn’t want to deny them that opportunity.

But then it takes the agency away. xD

Can’t play on the main site keeps asking for certification and won’t let me sign in

My guess is that it is because an update is coming just now but I am not sure.

Well I bought this game yesterday, can’t get passed the part when I face the demonologist.

any help? and the options to use the ragdoll and gift from Babel’s dauter are not active.

@jcury I am really sorry about that. There are bugs that prevent you from defeating the demonologist (who is the final boss). An update that will solve the issue is ready and I hope it becomes available soon.

Ahh I see. Ok I shall wait then

The demo on the site is playable now, @Rottingzombieflesh, but is not updated, which means that NPCs will refer to you as Brother Jacob even if your name is different.

Quite good. Impressed with the writing style, save for a few bugs, as well as the end boss glitch, but based upon the comments above, you’re already on it. Interested to see if this will evolve into a series.

On an aside note, I also noticed that you said your writing style is based upon Sam Landstrom. While that’s all well and good as he is an accomplished writer, creating and evolving your own writing style is important as well.

Make note here: I am neither a writer or a potential (at least currently) writer, so my knowledge of writing style is limited, to say the least. I am however what I consider a reading/gaming (preferably both) fanatic, having had to dedicate an entire clothe wardrobe to non fiction alone, of which I don’t even particularly like.

Completely separate from the above, great game, and I hope to see more from you in the future.

@LoverOfCYOAgames Thank you very much. I feel really flattered about your compliments on my writing style since English is not my native language :).

When I referred to Sam Landstrom, I was thinking about the game design features of his gamebooks. You know, his tend to be slightly more linear, with a lower level of customization but tell touching stories.

I am working on a sequel but my guess is that I will not make it past vol. 2 in the near future because I want to provide a few radically different endings (like a typical CYOA game). However, there will be more stories set in the same world. There are characters that I like very much and I think they deserve more than what I gave them (like Crystal or Alarra).

I don’t know, I always fail when making predictions about what I will write next, so it may turn into a long series :).

Thanks for your support!

I really liked the game, plus i never played as a cleric, so an interesting change for once. There are a few bugs with codewords, but nothing gamebreaking! Good luck with future projects :slight_smile:

@Fedell Thanks you very much!
The update is live on iTunes, so I believe the demonologist is no longer immortal :).

Great ^•^ Would have been nice to have an open beta, the game is great overall. I can’t lie I did thing it was a cultist on the cover art at first glance, but the description definitely got me into things. I was thinking I was going to have to make a divine, priest like game at the very least. Glad to see you made such an amazing one at that. I look forward to seeing the series grow ^•^, keep me posted mate

Thank you, @Arcania, it is amazing to read your comment.
I know an open beta is the right thing to do, so I will definitely think about it.

I just finished the game, so I confirm that it is beatable and the names work fine. I just want to share my scores:
Specialization: prophet
Favour 1 (I wish I had 1 more to be able to smite the demonologist)
Relations 32
Experience 52
Devilry 6
Rank: Champion of the Light

I think I should add achievements for:
-having at least 3 points of favour
-having over 30 points of relations
-having over 50 points of experience
-having no more than 5 points of devilry
-remaining chaste

That would be fitting we’ll have to run over the details on implementing stat required achievements over private ^•^