The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



Because she was the biggest threat to Lord Kann because she knew something that truly scares him to the point that he had to kill her just to silence her. Keeping her prisoner would had been a death sentence waiting for him. This secret is one of the reasons why Lord Kann is hell-bent on finding your character because he believes that your character somehow knows this secret as well.

That secret has the potential to truly change the universe, but it will not be a Deus ex machina like the Infinity Gauntlet. It is just something that truly scares Lord Kann.


:unamused: Really? Really?! Is he so dense that he really thinks an infant would somehow know this secret?!


Uncontrollable and irrational rage will make anyone dense. But when he isn’t angry, he’s far more scarier because you just never know what he has planned. But if you manage to piss him off that bad like Jina and Iram did, he becomes absolutely reckless.


I’m so looking forward to be a (almost) Super Sayain. And I hope you add that we can just jump really high instead of flying since that would probably be over powered and make just flying useless lol


You won’t be the first to enter their Shinka form, but I did leave a somewhat subtle hint that the Shinka form is not the absolute peak of your race’s power. The Shinka name is subject to change so there’s a chance I might change it if I get a better idea on what to call it.

But as for jumping, maybe. :slight_smile: I don’t plan on making your character OP right away, but more like a slow growth that will last the entire story.


would be cool if we had the choice between the shinka form being a ‘Super Saiyan’ like transformation, AKA, very minimalist but marking in it’s change (especialy the personnality one)

and the shinka form being a more elaborate transformation (or another form altogether, i always liked the idea of two opposed ‘progression path’ in animes, like in DBS where Goku’s new form are more martial art based, with the kaioken and more recently the Migatte no Goku’i and Vegeta just keep going with the Super saiyan transformation and rage boost)


I would say that the Shinka form for your MC’s race is basically like a fingerprint. There are no similar fingerprints as we know it so the reader will be presented with choices of how they want to push their Shinka form beyond the current limit.

One might look like a beast of war.
Another might look weak but is actually crazy stupid strong.
And another just might be able to have glowing markings on their bodies.


so a JACKED up version of the shinka, a average skinny version and one with just glowing marks on their body ok.


Nothing is set in stone yet. My primary concern with the story is developing the plot and the characters. Powers comes second to it.


It’s been two weeks since my last post so I figured the readers deserved an update on what’s going on.

For my health issues, I haven’t scheduled an appointment to visit with an oral surgeon yet because… Well, apparently alot of people needs the same doctor as I do. shrug shoulders The pain is basically gone but there’s a trace of it that comes and goes every once in a while thanks to the pain killers and the antibiotics for the abscess in my mouth that is causing the tooth pain. (Still concerned about the abscess though.)

For this game, no writing update has been done yet (I’m sorry, I’m really bad at this) but I did draw some, in my opinion, shitty drawings of some certain characters that I may post in the first post of this thread eventually. But I promise that this project is not dead, just on hiatus.

And lastly, I have a new project in mind that is a bit personal for me and this already has been discussed briefly in the interest check thread. The new project will be about the protagonist that is completely deaf (like I am in real life) with the dream of becoming the world’s greatest swordsman that ever lived. It’s going to have a One Piece feel to it as I discussed wanting to do a while back so it’d be a pirate story as well. As for the swords, I am considering giving the option to use one, two or even three katanas at once. When I do start this project, it’s more than likely that I’ll be splitting up my writing time between The Outsider and the deaf swordsman project.

Thanks for reading this loooooong post and being patient with me.


Take as much time as you need.


Well, my health issues are going to be put on hold until I’m able to get a renewal on my medical card. Apparently mine was already expired which would explain why I have a 2k dentist bill sitting on a table right now. So gotta renew it in order to avoid any more unnecessary money problems coming from it. So I suppose in order to deal with my stress, I’m going back to writing so hopefully I’ll have the next update soon. Say two weeks at the most. Mainly to catch up with what I’ve wrote and figure out where to go next after it. My fingers are crossed that I’ll be able to write more than 10 thousand words for Chapter Two.

Edited: I am also considering creating a Discord for this thread so anyone can ask questions of any sort there in order to avoid bumping this thread when I don’t have any new updates. It seems unfair to the other threads that does have a new update that gets less attention than mine.


A discord would be a good idea.


I went ahead and did it. This should be the link to the official The Outsider Discord.


Someone just pointed out that I didn’t set the instant invite to never expire since they apparently delete itself after one day. So my bad guys. The new Discord link is up now.

As I have mentioned before, I’ll be letting people know the new updates and answer any questions from the readers on there from now on to avoid bumping this thread when I don’t have an update on the story.


Hello everyone! I am sooooo sorry for leaving this thread inactive with no updates for a while. Here’s the deal. I had to move again so that means my PC is still with my friend that I was living with so I won’t be able to pick it up for a while.

However, I did write a new chapter in my notebook which I will write into the codes.

I also have an amazing idea for the cover art of this story so I will be designing the rough draft for it and hopefully find an amazing artist to bring it to life.

I promise you guys that this project is not dead. I’ve been developing the story without informing anyone so I apologize for that. Have a great night everyone and I hope to bring you the next update soon!


Art update: Yes, that’s right you read it! I’m currently 80% finished with the rough draft idea for the cover art that I went into in The Outsider Discord. I think most of you will be pleased with the rough draft idea that I designed with a pencil. If it goes over well then I’ll find an amazing artist to bring it to life.


Not 100% finished but this is what I have so far and figured I’d post it. And I know, my drawing skills sucks lol that’s why I said I’ll find someone that can make this look better



Pft, if you think that sucks then you should see my drawings :sweat_smile:


Nah, my drawings are definitely the worst. Van Gogh would cry if he saw it lol