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Hello! My name is Michael but you can just call me Mikey for short! You may had saw me comment on this thread or that thread before but as you may see already, I have a interest to write a superhero team story. Right now, it’s just an interest check while I am learning how to code with CSIDE so I’d rather take my time to do that rather than rushing through the basics.

Right, the plot I have in mind is obviously about a team of superheroes with their unique abilities but you’re currently not a part of it… Why? Good question! It’s because you’re not from Earth! But rather an alien that just looks like a Earth human with unique abilities that can someday surpass those in the team that was created to protect the innocents from threats that even they cannot handle alone. As you were raised by your adoptive parents since falling to the Earth from the stars themselves, no one truly knows where you came from or how you were able to manifest your abilities, but one day you shall find the secrets to your true identity which will result in the world finding out about you. How will the world and the team react to the fact that they are no longer alone in the universe? Most importantly, how will YOU react?

Romance Options

Enju: Bi-sexual. Males and females will be able to romance her.

Blur: Gay. Male only romance option.

Demolish: Straight. Female only romance option.


You: You think you are just an ordinary human but one day following an accident, the past is revealed to you. Whatever you choose to do is entirely up to you.

Jonathan Johnson: Your adoptive father. He has been a role model that you always looked up to. Kind, brave, wise and a hard worker with no nonsense attitude.

Mary Johnson: Your adoptive mother. She has always been overprotective of you ever since she and Jonathan found you after you fell from the stars… She always encouraged you to think for yourself and to stand up for those that cannot defend themselves.

-Real Name: Makiko Yamamoto
-Age as of 2018: 26
-Genius-level intelligence (Brains of the team and second in command)

-Real Name: TBA
-Super speed and military tactics (Formerly a soldier until a mishap occurred/The Heart of the team)
-Age as of 2018: 31

-Real Name: Stephen Washington
-Mutant with super-strength and an ability to enter “Berserk Mode” (The Brawn of the team)
-Age as of 2018: 22

More members will be added as soon as I flesh out the plot.


Super-speed (Not as fast as Blur but close)
Energy Manipulation
Very high resiliency due to different biology (Not invulnerable, hit the MC hard enough and he/she will be injured)
And maybe something very special to temporarily boost your strength, something like a Super Saiyan transformation.


Now what I do plan is make the stats based on your personality instead of the regular skills stats as you’'d normally see. This will lead to different reactions on a certain scene based on how you choose to act… Right now, I plan to add Kindness vs Ruthless, Concern vs Aloof, and Open vs Private. May change it or add more personality stats.


Obviously the description sounds like Superman and you might think that. Well you’re not wrong. My inspirations for this story was from the DC and Marvel comics. I also got some inspiration from the Dragon Ball series. However, I will create everything from scratch while trying to avoid to make it seem like it’s exactly like these.

Well that’s about all I have for now! Please do bear in mind that I am currently learning how to code so that may take some time for me to really work on the plot that I just outlined. I will also add more characters with their own personalities once I do expand on the plot. If you feel like I should add something to it, please feel free to comment! I’m open-minded and I would love to hear your opinions on this.

Short Prologue with Chapter One is now up!
Here is the demo:

Discord Link:


sniff sniff Su–Superman is that you?


puts on glasses N-no! My name is Clark.


Of course Bat-I mean Enju is the leader. He always been the one to lead and pay for everything in the group. I have been saying it since the longest time but nooo the leader is the MC; he literally can kill Bat- I mean Enju with one punch


Go for it mate. I believe this could be a great game.


Thank you! By the way, Enju is a woman. :slight_smile:


Even better…is she a RO? :smirk:


Well I do have plans for her to be bi-sexual so both straight and LGBT people will have a chance to romance her.


Will there be a showdown where Marth…I mean Mary comes to the rescue?


Ooooh spoilers, spoilers. :wink: But I can tell you that the adoptive parents will play a significant role in the story.


One last thing, is there a particularly large corporation, with a headquarters in a particularly crime-infested city owned by a particular heir who might have had a particular incident with parents as a child and might have done particular things in the mountains with some particular people for a particular number of years, that I should be ware of?


Not really, no. While Enju is definitely inspired by Batman and Iron Man, there won’t be anything like that but she’s definitely a genius in her own right. She’ll figure out how to work around a problem or make things for the team that they’ll need.


What kind of powers Can we expect for MC to have?


That’s a great question! Right now, I’m considering the MC to have these since he/she is an alien.


Super-speed (Not as fast as Blur but close)
Energy Manipulation
Very high resiliency due to different biology (Not invulnerable, hit the MC hard enough and he/she will be injured)
And maybe something very special to temporarily boost your strength, something like a Super Saiyan transformation.


I must advised caution while your writing, you may feel the need to over saturate your story with plot and game mechanics. It is therefore best to start out with an outline of the story and investment time in to researching character traits and character development. I recommend you stay simple at first then expand on ideas when you see fit.
P.S the five man band concept is the best way to develop a team of character’s.


Thank you for the input! I was actually considering a five man team since it would seem suitable to the plot that I have in my mind. I have three so far but I need to think hard about the last two members. As soon as I do, I will be expanding on their personalities.


The five man consists of the following. The leader, the heart, the brain, the brawn, the rebel (exact opposite of the leader)


Hm, seems like the only person I need to think about would be the rebel. I haven’t thought of that, thank you!


The rebel is a tricky character to develop but is the most fun. The rebel argues most with the leader but would lay down his or hers life for the leader. Unlike most of the team the rebel can be someone who was a villain but has been reformed. this rebel questions his preconceptions, ideas and even morality.


Example: If the hero is an idealist the rebel is a cynic. Hero is passive rebel is brutal (does not mean killing) hero is defensive rebel is offensive.