The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



Please vote on how you would like to find out the lore of your MC’s race. One vote only, please!

  • Trance vision
  • Deflector tells you bits and pieces
  • Advanced AI tells you

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The Trance / Bits have me torn. The AI would be too supermanish in my opinion. I can’t pick!


Trance Vision are meh, too mystic, unless you have them by actively meditating or whatever, just having flash of your past doesn’t sound interesting

AI work better but is a bit too much like Superman with his AI father

so i’ll go with Deflector


Looks like Advanced AI wins even though I was really rooting for a trance vision. Oh well. Lol

Edited: Welp, after showing my friends, family and roommates this game, they all demanded that I work more on this haha having people encourage me to follow my dreams is a great feeling and it’s motivating me to begin work on the updated Chapter One and begin writing Chapter Two in a moment. I already have an idea on how I want to start Chapter Two so that’s progress right there. It will show more of the grounded lifestyle in the rural area that your adoptive parents are leading and you will finally get to play as yourself. I will let you all know when they are up!


We all believe in you - even if most of us lurk over your shoulder and don’t voice ourselves much. :two_hearts:


… The plot is different from Superman (Smallville or comics)/ Supergirl (Tv show), isn’t it?

I’ve felt like I’ve read this somewhere before, hmm… :thinking: interesting to see what you do with it!


pokes head through a open door You guys still here? Huh…

Oh yeah, Chapter Two. Still working on it but I’ve been mostly drawing things such as the cover art but to be honest with ya, I suck at it so I’d have to find someone who could make my designs much better than before. That and I’ve been slacking a bit due to health reasons that are still ongoing. That’s all for now.

Have a great day!


Less talk more get this finished NOW just kidding imagine if I was that evil anyways can’t wait to see what awaits us in chapter 2 so no rush taking time to write your story just means it’ll be good when it is finished as you’ve taken care with your project unlike some writers and as for the health issues well I hope you get better :slight_smile:


Well, I would like to hear your input into something that might become important later. As you already know by now, this game pretty much has an anime feel to it so why not use another anime cliche that some of you might love?

What I’m thinking about is adding a option during a fast paced or a very intense fight scene that would allow you to “power up your final blow, bad guy talks smack, good guy gets mad then yells out the name of the decisive blow that ends the fight” kind of thing.

Like for example, this.


Would be cooler if it happened but didn’t actualy put the bad guy done, it would establish that the guy can back up his arrogance and isn’t all talk


Hmm I would think something similar to the boss fight in naruto the last movie where naruto surrounds his fist in fire and runs at the bad guy screaming I won’t let you and just destroys the guy sending him flying like a rag doll


Ha, funny thing is that I was thinking about pulling that off as well. There’s nothing that could make a fight better than knowing the bad guy can just take anything you could throw at him and he’ll just keep going.


This project will be put on a brief hiatus, most likely a month and half at the most.

Apparently I need oral surgery to be done immediately so obviously I won’t be in any shape to be writing for a while but at least, I’ll be taking care of my health issues.


I hope the surgery goes well and that you recover quickly.


Thank you! I’ll be able to hang in there since the dentist gave me some more prescribed medication to help with the pain until I’m able to get the surgery scheduled hopefully sometime this month.


So I was just replaying this WiP and something kind of odd caught my attention; Lord Kann knows the gender of our character. My question is how? Our character was practically a newborn when they were sent off to Earth, and in the scene where our mother confronts Lord Kann she doesn’t say the gender of the baby. And honestly, I doubt she would have told him, even if he tortured her for information. So how did he know the gender of our character?


Ooooh, good question!

It’s actually because Lord Kann is a galactic warlord with a massive army at his back. Part of his army, like maybe 1/5th of it are spies spread out across the universe that often relays information to Lord Kann even if they may be irrelevant to him.

I was going to keep this piece of information a secret until I got to the part where it would be appropriate to say it, but your mother and your uncle Iram were on the run from Lord Kann and his army, often traveling in disguises and never had a permanent place to stay when they were jumping from one planet to another just to survive long enough so Jina would be able to give birth to your character in secret. Unfortunately, your uncle Iram had a big mouth and let it slip that Jina already knew the gender of your character before giving birth, calling the baby nephew or niece because he was so excited to be an uncle (depending on what you chose). They were overheard by one of Lord Kann’s spies who called in reinforcements to take down both Jina and Iram, mainly out of fear of Iram’s anger since he was considered to be one of the top warriors of the alien race. Chaos happened so Jina and Iram were forced to flee to the last place that Lord Kann would ever think of, which ended up being the home planet of the MC’s race.

When Lord Kann found out the gender AND the fact that Jina and Iram retreated to their home planet made him so pissed off that he decided to invade the planet by himself and kill everyone on it.


Daaaaaaammmmmnnnnn!!! Now I wish I had kept my big mouth shut! You better find a way to add that into the story or else I’ll die of shame! :persevere:


Haha no worries, I already have a plan set up to add that information to the story. Mainly because it would show just how serious of a threat that Jina and Iram considered Lord Kann to be.


So here’s a bit of a random question; why have Lord Kann kill Jina? Why not basically keep her as a prisoner? That way it gives the players and their MC a small sense of hope to rescue her in the future (and then have Lord Kann kill Jina in front of the MC anyways, destroying what little hope the player and the MC may have had!). Keeping Jina alive and periodically torturing her (physically or psychologically) would further emphasize just how cruel and dangerous he really is… but that’s just my opinion.