The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



there’s a lot you could do with db inspired stuff and some of superman’s better comic book stories.


You want a unique character instead of super speed give power to freeze time or to manipulate time. You could even make it to where MC can open up a pocket diminish like, Obito from “Naruto”. MC could be able to suck life energy out of living things and that does not mean only from people or animals but plants too. MC could have some form of natural camouflage ability, like whatever he touches he immediately blends in to.


I don’t believe that it’d be a good idea to give the main character the ability to manipulate time itself. The MC is already overpowered as it is but I do feel like there is something missing but I’m just not sure what it is yet.

However, someone does have the ability to open up a pocket dimension, also has the ability to create illusion magic and is able to teleport items or people across large distances and is quite a master at energy manipulation.(essentially a Doctor Strange type.)


Welp, seeing how I’m not going to a dentist for a while. (DAMN IT!) I’m going to have to distract myself from the pain by starting to work on Chapter Two. Now, the stat chart is done but isn’t updated yet but I want you to be aware of the possibility that I might be adding the lore to it that will go into the history of your MC’s race once the reader reaches a certain point in the story.

Edited: I still hate how short Chapter One is. Like I’m not even satisfied with it at all so I might be updating that to make it longer as well.

Edited Two: I decided to add a fight scene to the prologue between Lord Kann and the MC’s biological uncle since I already mentioned that both the MC’s uncle and Jina were the last two to fall after sending the MC away. So congratulations, you get to meet your uncle! :smiley:


The prologue has a scene and a couple of new extra lines. And the stat screen has been updated to reflect on three major attributes which is Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity. I forgot to add the fourth attribute which is Endurance but that will be added in the next update.

No new progress on updated Chapter One or Two yet so that’ll take a bit.



Honestly, when you mentioned that you were adding the fight scene between Lord Kann and the biological uncle, I was actually worried that by doing so you would unintentionally remove the mysterious threat vibe that Lord Kann has. But after reading the prologue I see that I had nothing to worry about :slightly_smiling_face:


Nah, I carefully considered how that would go because I wanted to be like “Just you wait for it…” then be like “BAM! Surprise!” Lol

I already know how he really looks like and I’m sure most of the readers will be very happy with the end result of his true reveal.

Also, I wanted to show a glimpse of the true power that your MC will end up having and just how physically strong Lord Kann is.


Dunno if anyone else mentioned it anywhere else in this thread because I’m too lazy to check. But if we don’t get to yell


At any point in this story, it will be a massive missed opportunity.


It is going to happen. But when? :wink: That’s for the readers to find out.


Updated Chapter One might be coming tonight or tomorrow.

And I forgot to mention that you get 6 personality traits as well.
And Cautious

Depending on which personality trait you have, a different reaction to a scene will happen like for example, being Aloof may show you a scene of your MC sitting on a edge of a tall building messing around with a busted radio trying to get it to play some Korean Pop music but only end up tossing it away when it doesn’t work. I dunno but that’s just an example but the personality traits aren’t set in stone yet since I might end up changing some of it like Aloof to Jokester.


can’t wait for this updated chapter.


me to.i love this one


Quick question.

Since there will be plenty of fight scenes for this story, do you want to see something really amazing that you never saw in a CoG game until now?

What do you think I’m thinking of?


Yay or nay?


yes and the epic quick paced counters.


I’m for it so yeah, go ahead


that would be EPIC!go right on


AS long as we aren’t screaming at the top of our lungs for the majority of the battle.


Yeah that’s one of the cliches that I’d like to avoid since it wouldn’t be so realistic. But your MC probably will scream here and there if something incredibly bad happens, I know you want that “KANNNNNNNN!!!” moment haha :slight_smile:


Just cuz it’d be a missed opportunity to not have it.

As opposed to blowing out my lungs.


True true.

Anyway, I’m about to put up a poll to let the readers choose how they want to learn about the MC’s race history and the lore of it. I got three options but I’m not sure which one would be appropriate.