The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



I was planning on closing the poll at 12 PM CST (my time zone) tomorrow but looks like the request for Chapter Two and new stat charts are overwhelming the pirate WIP, so I guess Chapter Two wins!

On a DBZ related note, Broly just has been confirmed to be the villian of the new Dragon Ball Super movie with a redesigned look. I damn near had a heart attack when I found out and there may or may not be tears of joy being shed on my part. Maaaaaybe.




Alright, the stat charts are now in the code! So far, I’m loving the new look of it so hopefully you’ll like it as well but it is not updated yet. I was considering adding the lore of your MC’s alien race in the story eventually after reaching a certain point since it would be neat to expand on the universe’s history.

And to give this story more of an anime feel, I also decided to add “story arcs” like how some of the anime has them like Dragon Ball Z has the “Frieza Saga”, Naruto with “Pain’s Assault Arc” and One Piece’s “Paramount War Arc”, so this story’s first “story arc” will be called Genesis as discussed a while back. It’s hard to say at this point just how many sagas there will be in The Outsider but most likely 3-7?


cant wait for these arcs man.


I’m not sure how to add them. But honestly I’d probably just add “Genesis Saga” at the beginning of each chapter title that is in the correct time for the story arc. Then I’ll have to come up with a new name for the next arc.


yeah that pretty much how it works.


The update has been delayed for who knows how long since I am about to get at least 3 or 4 teeth pulled out by tomorrow or Wednesday. It is likely that I will be gone from the forum for a bit.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


wish you the best of luck.


Ah, I know that feeling!

I had to get eight teeth pulled out about three years ago and oof.

That first week was rough, I won’t lie, but due to the miracle of modern medicine, so long as you take your antibiotics, swish your gums with warm saltwater, and follow all the instructions your dentist gives, you’ll actually feel fine within a few days.

I wish you a speedy recovery nonetheless. Get well soon, @MichaelCrank!


sigh Worst part about tooth pain in my current situation is that no one is absolutely available for another 5 and half hours until I’m able to walk in. And apparently it’s illegal for a doctor to pull a tooth out in an emergency room.

I have tried ice packs, pain medicine, tooth relief gel, warm saltwater but nothing has worked so far so the only option left is to wait until I get to my appointment.


Well the dentist was a no go. Couldn’t set up an appointment in time but I did get some pain medication from a doctor.

Chapter Two will come whenever I do sober up because this medication is really messing me up.


teeth probleme are always a pain in the ass


So beautiful. Honestly I might copy a bit of the final fight between Broly and Goku in this movie if it is dope as my expectations for it.


Can’t wait to see the movie


Yup, i saw it a while ago, i’m really hyped now XD


Also it would be cool if we could have an option be really buff and all like Goku or even Broly, i like when my characters look as powerfull as they are because the ‘look weak but is strong’ is now pretty much the norm instead of a subversion


I probably would have to move the final fight to a different planet due to the massive power level between Lord Kann and the Goku or Broly transformation could easily crack Earth in multiple pieces.

I have long considered doing levels of the super transformation like SSJ1, SSJ2 and LSSJ. I’d probably have one or two characters knowing the first level of the transformation and think that this is their peak while there’s a new level out there they’re not aware of.


so kinda like the android saga with SSJ2.


Maybe but I’d have to make this story into a series so I could write the plot that I want.


Sound fun, it’s pretty rare to see DB inspired stuff (cough rip off cough) that aren’t big franchise like One Piece or Naruto

combined with the comics element, it can end up being something pretty cool IMO