The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



You must be really creative to be coming up with ideas for stories and stuff.


Honestly I just take inspiration from anime. There’s something satisfying about creating your own thing where you could choose to do something instead of being railroaded into something in a video game and such.


did you get the nihilism idea for lord kann from the monster anime/manga main villain Johan Liebert? I only ask this cause you seem to know a lot about animes


No, that part actually comes from Thanos.


im assuming thanos from the comics then.


You know it just dawned on me, most of your stories (so far) are just fanfiction that have some details changed so it can be it’s own story…


that’s basicaly what every story humans have ever created since we had recorded history is : a fanfiction with enough detail changed


Thanos is also a nihilist in the MCU but it isn’t as much as it is in the comics due to Lady Death’s absence in the MCU. The only person that would come pretty close to it is Hela from Thor: Ragnarok. But Thanos and Hela totally had a thing going on in the comics but idk if they kept it or not in the new issues because as far as I do know in “Thanos Wins” story is that the Thanos we know does not love Death anymore after being rejected over and over again because she didn’t like how Thanos brought her dead souls in Infinity Gauntlet comics and the fact that she is deeply in love with Deadpool.


I thought thanos was just a villain with goals that u can somewhat agree with in the mcu.


Nah, he isn’t “just” a villian in Marvel. He’s actually one of the most important figures in both the comics and the MC, having masterminded most of the events that happened like the invasion of New York that Loki did. He also was the reason why Avengers and Guardians were formed. No future Marvel villian could even come close to the atrocities that Thanos has caused in the MCU.


I mean… When you put it that way, it kind of is a fan fiction that also pays tribute to the inspirations for the plot and the characters. Plus, I thought it’d be fun to have a Hosted Game that could be pretty similar to a Marvel or DBZ game lol


Sound cool, as long as we aren’t forced into Luffy’s role


That would be funny to act like Goku in the middle of a bunch of Justice League expy


It won’t be anything like One Piece. Well, it will be inspired by it, obviously. But it’ll be darker than it and I’d like to start the story with the execution and the war, then next chapter and the rest of it from that point forward would be told in a flashback leading up to the execution. The WIP for it probably won’t be coming out any time soon since I’m somewhat busy working out the kinks with the stat chart and planning out another WIP with a group of myself and 5 other authors.


Well, I figured my way around the stat charts. I think. I hope.

Speaking of that, I’ve been doing a test run on the stat charts on the soon to be Pirate WIP that I spoke about a while ago. As soon as I’m comfortable with the fact that I can pull it off, I’ll put it in the startup for this story and possibly release the other WIP if I got any content for it at that point.

Have a good day everyone.


good to know it’s progressing smoothly

  • Release the new stat chart and possibly Chapter Two.
  • Release the new pirate WIP.

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Well guys, I’m giving you a choice for what happens this weekend. Chapter Two and a new stat chart for The Outsider. Or, have me work on the new pirate WIP called “The Pirate Monarch” and release it by Saturday or Sunday.

Edit: Voting for both won’t count. Sorry!


i’m indiffrent, do what feel best


Jeez, everyone wants to see Chapter Two and the new stat chart. Lol


of course, we’ve waited too long for it. lol