The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



It’s more along the lines of I don’t want to romance Demolish. It’s just, I’m not really interested in the overly muscular type… :sweat:

Edit: I prefer “brains over brawns” :sweat_smile:


Ah different preferences then. Well don’t worry, there will be others that you’ll be able to romance that isn’t a superhero that you might be interested in. I’m trying to give as much romance options as I can without stressing myself out with the coding haha


I just want to find myself a Lois :joy: or gwen stacy


But… Gwen dies. If I killed off a RO, everyone would be mad at me for it lol

Edited: Well to be fair, I did promise to kill off some characters eventually.


sometimes you gotta have a major death to add intensity/emotion to the story.


it’s comics, for every Gwen that died, you have 50 who are still alive


You could try having that there is a way to save the RO. If the player succeeds, then the RO lives. If they fail, well do I really need to spell it out?


I personally like that idea. But there is one character that I do plan on making a permanent death scene aside from Jina. It won’t be any one of the ROs but it’ll be someone that is very important to the MC. I do have a expection that there will be a uproar over it like how Game of Thrones killed off Jon Snow.


Is it one (or both) of the parents?


Nah, that’s a comic cliche to kill off a superhero’s parent. And besides, they would be pretty useless in the fight with Lord Kann, they’re just there for moral support like how Peter has Aunt May.


how many big fights we should expect before lord kann?


Several. I do plan on having one of those “big fights” between the superhero team and Lord Kann’s army.


Oh thank the heavens, for a second there I was honestly scared you were going to go with that cliché!


Honestly I couldn’t bring myself to kill off either one of them because I based them on my parents in real life.


can’t wait for the father to give the mc " With great power comes great responsibility " type speech.


Nooooooooooooooooooooo :fearful:


its the best cliche ever


So, I might have another WIP on the way soon. It had been on my mind for a couple of months now and I got a feeling that it’ll be stuck with me until I write it out so I’m just gonna go ahead and do it.

The WIP is going to be based on pirates in the style of One Piece. The summary would be this.

“At the beginning, one of the most important pirates in the history is singing their requiem on the day of their execution. But little does the world government know, the largest pirate crew ever existed is on their way to wage war just to save their Captain. Relive the past leading up to the day of the execution and allow yourself to define the future moving forward. Will your name be embraced as a savior and the Pirate Monarch or will your name be damned for all eternity?”


so a historic fantasy pirate game*


I wouldn’t say it’s historical because I’m not going to use real places, people or events in it.