The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



i would assume people are scared of demolish.


You have no idea. Everyone is cool with Stephen but one moment, he’d be Demolish and all you can do is hope that he doesn’t hurt you. Because when he hits you, it’s gonna hurt.


very unpredictable character


Indeed. He’s also willing to resort to dirty tricks like a kidney punch and grab whatever is nearby as a weapon such as a telephone pole. Demolish’s strength is just crazy but what makes him a threat is that he has a very high resiliency like your MC. So if your MC and Demolish were to fight, it’d be a slugfest that would last for hours.


would it be fair to say pure strength wise demolish is stronger?


Depending on how much you’ve trained, it is possible that Demolish has more raw power than you do. But if not, you could use it in a much more effective way since Demolish tends to fight like he was a berserker. Well, in a way, he is.


enju and blur woulda stood no chance against demolish if he went full bad.


I wouldn’t count them out either. Enju has a similar power armor to Iron Man and she has a dream of creating a power armor that would respond immediately to her aid if she ever gets into extreme danger. (Essentially the “Bleeding Edge” armor that Iron Man has) And her perception is quite good enough to the point that she could lay out a battle plan after taking a single look of the field she would have to fight in, she was taught how to do this by Blur.

Blur, on the other hand, has superspeed which can be quite devastating paired up with his military trained mind. With his ability, he (theoretically) could create a superspeed punch or kick, get from point A to point B if he plays decoy for a trap because this is his role while Enju sets up the trap with Demolish waiting to strike.

These two aren’t exactly dead weights as you’d think at first glance. They would just make it up by using their own strengths against your weakness.


thats a cool way of making them reliable against massive enemies.


Am I the only one that HATED super and the movies after Beerus showed up?


I mean I thought it was cool at first, but I hope they get rid of them I think they’re overexposing the gods too much.


Um, isn’t “Stephen” the name of “Blurs” secret identity?

Unless you changed their names around…?

I think a good way to introduce these characters (before actually putting them “on screen”) would be to have the MC either reading a newspaper/magazine that has an article about them and how they (kind of like an autobiography on the team, or something), or watching it on TV or something.


he prob mixed up logan with stephen lmao.


No, I changed the names. Demolish is getting Stephen Washington because it fits him better than Blur. I still haven’t decided on what should be Blur’s real name because the old one just kind of sounded lame. I wasn’t planning on updating the info until I got a new one anyway.


what about jason hayes as a name?


Yeah no I know someone with that last name in real life. And he’d brag that I based a character on him lol I need something really bland to make the reader that the person they’re speaking to is actually Blur but they wouldn’t recognize it right away


How about naming him after one of the Flash…es from DC? That way only DC fans would immediately recognize him, while others would at a later time.

Or after Quicksilver?


I was considering Barry because it is a bland name lol although Wally might fit him as well


Frankly, I’m kind of upset that I won’t be able to romance him since he’s gay…


Really? You haven’t met anyone from the team yet. Is there a reason why you want to romance Blur? I’m interested to hear about it.