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Well, the movie isn’t until december but the DBH anime should arrive in less than a week


what is the movie about again?


We don’t know yet but we know that Freezer will have a role in the movie and it will be about the past of the saiyans and their relation with Freezer, there will be a story in the past and a story in the present or something like that , the detail aren’t known yet


thats actually a good storyline.


Supposedly Goku Vegeta Frieza and possibly Piccolo are going to have a role and fight this ancient Saiyan at a tundra environment which I’m guessing happens to be Frieza’s home planet since there was a picture going around of Goku and Vegeta wearing thick winter coats while Frieza is looking more buff than he was in Super.


bardock from the dead


Nah I doubt it. There was a teaser trailer and it briefly showed this ancient Saiyan. His armor was different while his hair could be like Raditz but I couldn’t tell. Plus he has a green aura when he powered up.


nah, Ancient Saiyans are different from the Bardock’s generation saiyan, given his armor, he is more like a salada era saiyan


oh so way before i get it now.


So thanks to Dragonball Super, the Dragon Ball creator recently introduced the concept of S-cells to Saiyans. Saiyans accumulate S-cells over time by being in peaceful environment. Usually that can’t be felt until reaching a mental or emotional state, transforming Saiyans into Super Saiyans!

This should work fine with concept of powers growing over time.


i just read that our mc has energy manipulation, what is the limit our mc can do with energy manipulation?


that’s not really how S-cells works, if you don’t have the power to go along with them, you won’t be able to transform

also it doesn’t accumulate over time, it grow with your power but work better with a gentle heart so Saiyans who grew in times of peace have more of them / have an easier time with them


You’re correct that S-cells due to a gentle heart, however that’s usually that’s achieved on the kind of environment one’s grown. Up until Goku, it was extremely rare that there were Super Saiyans in Universe 7. This is because the race in general grew upon values that supported aggressiveness and violence. Also they aren’t necessarily dependent on power, as we can see in the case of Trunks and Goten.


The limitations to energy manipulation is quite alot in this universe, really. If you weren’t trained in the basics of it then you won’t be able to use this ability.

However, if you were trained in it, then the limitations becomes less to the point that it all depends on two factors. How much energy you can handle in your body all at once and the level of your control.

If both conditions are way more than enough to be met, then it becomes limitless. But this would require years of training in manipulating the energy and incredible resilience to the enormous pressure that the energy would create on your body.


oh so with energy manipulation it takes years of practice.


It’s a very very rare ability to have. To have this type of ability in the universe, you would have to belong to one of the very few sentient races that are ancient enough to endure countless generations of evolution. Your MC’s race is among these races. The humans on Earth are pretty much like a 5 years old to the MC’s race being 57 years old if you can understand how large of a gap that the humans are behind. Even Jina would say that the humans are primitive compared to the other beings in terms of evolution and their technology.


So power like this would be too much for a simple human in this universe? due to it being a rare ability to have due to the amount of energy it has on the body? that’s a good concept tbh.


Yes, it would be too much for a normal human to handle because their biology isn’t evolved enough to be able to tolerate it. They’re just too “young” to accomplish such a feat.


also is blur,enju and demolish popular heroes in this universe?


Yes, they’re popular on Earth. Enju and Blur were originally a duo because they were already life long best friends, even when Blur went into the Army and had his career cut short on a dishonorable discharge due to an incident that will be revealed eventually. They were teaming up for several months until they ran into Demolish who just happened to be wrecking some bad guys that made a very bad decision to rob a bank. From that point forward, the duo became a three man band.