The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



And santa clause, i keep forgetting that he is a super mutant with the power to change the universe one day of the whole year.


He actually had the Infinity Gauntlet at one point. And handled the Avengers like they were nothing once the power went to his head lol


Have any of you guys heard of blue marvel? he’s pretty much the black superman, I think he could prob destroy thanos.


I would put him on the same level as Hyperion and Adam Warlock


Meh, I prefer black superman.


i mean any hero who has a cape will always be a ripoff of superman, like sentry. they all usually have the same power-set.


To be fair, DC and Marvel tends to rip each other off. I mean that’s why DC has Deathstroke while Marvel has Deadpool. Thanos is actually a rip off of Darkseid after someone at Marvel just told the artist to make Thanos a bit more like Darkseid.


even tho i think the amount of superman type characters marvel got is a overkill they only use them for big events which work for sentry,etc.


Yeah that’s one of the issues I’m trying to avoid for the story. Although your character won’t be OP like them right away, but rather slowly gaining your powers as you get older. As I have mentioned once before, I’d like to have some realism in this story so I’m just trying to figure out a impactful way in the scene where your MC finally unlocks all of his/her powers and transform instead of having it a regular DBZ way of “grrrr you killed my friend and you’ll die for it”. Don’t get me wrong, they did this with Krillin on Namek and it is without a doubt the most memorable scene of all anime. But as we know, this story won’t be as massive as the show or have any artwork showing the intensity of the scene so I’ll have to figure out how to add the maximum emotional aspect to the reader that will make sense.


yeah, I think that will prob be the main focal point is the emotion of the battle and mainly telling a story as your character progress, while becoming this beacon of hope. I think what make goku battle with frieza epic was not just the transformation but the story of the battle, the fact even when it looked like he couldn’t beat frieza he didn’t give up and kept fighting which helped him unlock his full potential.


and you maybe you could have the mc have personal demons to overcome to bring him back down to earth.


I am going to drop this here, i may be hated after this…I like Dragon ball GT and I think that if they had 3-4 years instead of 1 in order to make the series, the story would have been amazing. I like Super saiyan 4 and how it made gokus personality more dark and calm, i loved how they used the concept of the monkey (i don’t remember the name) and how they tried to tie the legend of the super saiyan of dragon ball z with saiyan 4.


are u talking about the great ape?


Great Ape. Or if you already went Super Saiyan, you can transform into a Golden Great Ape.


I like goku’s character development at one moment he could be a dark badass individual and then the next he could be a goofy comical character who just loves to fight.


the monkey form is called ‘Oozaru’


Technicaly, Superman himself is a rip off


well yeah if you talking about in terms of character traits and stuff.


this song is just amazing


this may be off topic but im glad db super is returning.