The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



yeah, i think the reason some sequels sucks is because the writer/author/director never have the right direction for it. But if you find a good plot for a sequel then you should go for it.


Yeah but right now, considering a sequel would be a bit too much for a rookie author such as myself. I would prefer to finish this first then see how everyone likes it. If there’s plenty of interest for more Outsider then I may end up doing it.


totally agree, but if this story does do well. and lets say we get a sequel would it be a diff name?


Honestly no clue haha I’d probably end up calling it “The Outsider 2: (Insert title here)”


this is def. my most anticipated wip this and samurai of hyuga and fallen hero.


I’m honored to see you say that. Even though I think my writing style isn’t on the level of Samurai of Hyuga or Fallen Hero. Those guys are amazing!


i think its because, i feel as if the other choice of games superheroes games hasn’t capture the true meaning of a superhero story besides hero rising the first one. and this story seems to capture it. with a unique way of you pretty much being the superman of the universe and having the responsibility of protecting earth.


Well it isn’t just Earth that you end up protecting. You end up protecting all life in the universe since Lord Kann is on a rampage destroying all that lives in the universe. So he isn’t just a threat to Earth, he’s a threat to all the cosmos.

I’ll let you on in a little secret. If you do ever fight Lord Kann, there’s a damn good chance that you won’t be fighting on Earth, you might also fight in outer space. :open_mouth:


idk why but i feel as if demolish is dc’s damage instead of hulk


Well, Stephen is a mutant. :slight_smile: Demolish is actually his “Dr. Hyde” alter ego like how Banner and Hulk are separate people in one body.


demolish might be one of my fav. character in outsider mainly cause i like the big powering brute characters. destruction is amazing.


Already? You haven’t met him yet! Lol but yeah I can tell I’m going to enjoy writing Stephen and Demolish’s characters. Romancing him may be tricky because of Demolish though because he is able to speak his mind when Stephen is in control of his body.


i prob like him already, cause im a hulk fanboy.


My favorite Hulk comic probably would have to be World War Hulk but they’re doing amazing stuff with The Immortal Hulk now.


oh yeah world breaker hulk, that showed how strong hulk really was. I think alot of people think of hulk as just some dumb brute but he really is one of the more powerful heroes in marvel.


He’s quite powerful enough to the point that in the comics, Thanos once said that he’d prefer not to face him in a battle.


i believe that if hulk and superman did battle it would pretty much be doomsday vs superman 2.0.


I mean normal Thanos is powerful but he is super powerful because of the gauntlet. You wanna know who is powerful enough that thanos fear?(not explicitly but hinted in many comics) Odin the all father.


Oh yeah, Odin at full power with the Odinforce could easily curb stomp Thanos. There’s not many people that can truly fight him 1v1, with or without the Infinity Gauntlet.


i think hulk could beat thanos if thanos just had the power stone idk why i think that.