The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



You pretty much answered your own question right there lol he most certainly wasn’t like this in the first place until he found out a certain chain of events that might lead up to his downfall. This is the reason why he committed the genocide against the MC’s race and destroyed the home planet with his own hands. His army didn’t do anything aside from blocking off all access off the planet but fortunately your mother was able to find one that they didn’t notice. Yes, Lord Kann is powerful enough to literally destroy a planet by himself so it’s quite a rare event that you would ever see him physically fight.

cough K’Yors cough

Finally! Someone noticed the Easter eggs!


the suspense this story is building so far is brilliant. I hope we get a pov with other characters like the batman/iron man type character.


Enju? Yeah you’re getting a POV scene of every main character. I feel like it’s important to tell their perspective on the main character.

I might even do a POV scene of some random citizen that might look at your MC as he/she is the hope of the world, ya know?


yeah, I think that would make the MC more interesting. Seeing a point of view from random civilians.


I didnt understand ;-;


What I meant is that K’Yors is the character that you’re asking about. She is briefly mentioned in the interlude POV.


I just got finished reading all-star superman. what a wonderful story it was, probably one of the best Superman stories out there, cause it touched on the emotional aspect of Superman and characters around him. One of the more emotional aspect to me of the story was when he saved a girl from committing suicide and saying everyone deserves to be saved and given a second chance. and that is what makes a superhero in my opinion. and this was a dying Superman which added more drama to the story, 10/10. I think the outsider could have moments like that.


Yeah, I read that story as well! It just showed us that even an alien like Clark can be human as well. Marvel actually has done a very similar story with Deadpool and I think what he did for the suicidal woman was a good thing. Wade just didn’t force her to seek help, he just took her out for a fun night in town doing whatever she wanted and whatever Wade thought she’d like to do at least once in her life. And when they were done, Wade drove her to a hospital on a motorcycle and when they showed up there, she wasn’t happy about it but then Wade straight up told her that he isn’t the perfect guy for this job but he knew that she needed help. That comic ends with Wade and the suicidal woman talking to a doctor about going into rehab to help her.

Suicide is a very sensitive subject that no one should feel ashamed talking about. I know for sure that I had these thoughts before and had treatment for it. As some of the people here probably has experienced having these thoughts or lost someone to suicide. The thing about it is that if someone chooses to end their life simply because they want to end the pain, you aren’t ending it, you’re just passing the pain on to someone else.

I’m not sure if I would be comfortable writing a subplot about it but if the readers wants to see something like it then I could try my best to do it.


I didn’t mean like moments about suicidal but more so moments of trying to send someone into a good path, show them that while there’s dark in the tunnel, there’s also a bit of light there also. I prob shoulda been more clear. my bad


Ah well all I do know for sure is that this game is going to end up being massive with everything I want to write for this. Not sure how big yet but I have a goal of making this one of the biggest stories like Tin Star with over 1 million words in it.


would it be split up into arcs in the story? like after a certain amount of chapters then you would have like arc 2. you get what im sayin? like the dbz sagas.


Yeah. If I had to say the story arc we’re on now could be called “Genesis” Arc since it is the beginning.


This is incredibly off-topic I know.
I found out a while ago that the drummer for my favorite band, Pantera, has passed away peacefully in his sleep last Friday. So I’ve been coming to terms with it in the best way that I can, by blasting Pantera at max volume.

Here is one of my absolute favorites and perhaps one of Vinnie Paul’s best works.

Thanks for everything, Vinnie Paul.


R.I.P big vinnie, say hi to michael jackson and prince.


the link u just posted music sound like a background to a dbz fight compilation


That’s because I believe Dragon Ball Z actually used one of the Pantera songs in the Broly movie where Broly takes on Super Saiyan Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks, Piccolo and Vegeta all by himself.

That song is called “10s” while they also had a song appear on SpongeBob SquarePants where they did that football game concert called
“Prehibernation” which is a heavily edited track called “Death Rattle” which appeared on Pantera’s final album before breaking up.



You know, I always was interested in the idea of creating a legendary warrior that could be the enemy. Maybe for the sequel? :wink:


when I’m by myself I talk to myself for whatever reason. brainstorming ideas for what a big baddie for outsider after lord kann would be and a legendary warrior or lord kann having a brother by chance came to mind lmao.


Yeah I always talk to myself, even at inappropriate times which causes some confused glances by my friends. They do say that if you do it often, it’s a sign of a busy mind.

But yeah when I first started this, I had no plans for a sequel but now? It’s starting to become more of a possibility.