The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



Ok. So why does Lord Kann want the MC so badly? Will it be explained eventually?


Yeah, there is a reason why Lord Kann wants the MC so bad that he would be willing to annihilate all life in the universe. But then again, he was always a destructive warlord.

But as for that reason why, it will be revealed in the story eventually. And that reason makes Lord Kann the most dangerous threat that the universe has never saw before and probably will never see that again after him.


I’m did not play the new update but man, I soooo hyped for that


Haha well I’m sure you might like the new update @Pedro_Ferreira.

As for the readers that did read the new update, did you feel as if Lord Kann was terrifying and absolutely dangerous, even if he was in it for a brief time? I’m trying to make the readers feel afraid of him because I’d like to add a dose of realism to the story.

And I may be able to start writing Chapter Two sometime this weekend seeing how I have plenty of free time on my hands.


i already read and its amazing, this lord remembers me of general zod


Well, I did feel that he was dangerous, but I wouldn’t call him terrifying… sorry :sweat:

EDIT: Maybe have him interact with someone while he’s in his throne room thing. Or actually show him killing someone. I don’t know. All I know is that when I read the scene with him in it, I could definitely say he’s a dangerous person. But I wouldn’t call him scary/terrifying.


I know it’s still early and the WIP is short, but I really wanted to draw something for it !

that’s my current MC ^^



Ah okay I’ll keep that in mind for the next update. I probably would expand on the interlude chapter for that.


Okay now that is just awesome haha I never expected anyone to draw something that was related to the story this soon!


If I could draw, I would have drawn the human parents holding the baby MC, standing next to the space pod. The father would have one hand around his wife, and the other would be scratching the top of his head, and he’d be looking at the space pod in confusion. The mother, however, would be too busy cuddling with the cute pale baby with black hair and purple eyes. It would be night time. And, at the very top of the drawing, where the sky should be, you’d see the MCs biological mother looking down on them all with love and hope in her eyes. That’s what I would draw. Unfortunately I can’t draw to save my life :sweat_smile:


I can’t draw to save my life either lol but I do have an idea for the cover art so I’ll just draw up a rough draft and see if someone can make it better eventually. That probably won’t happen until I’m nearly finished developing this game though.

I was considering naming the super transformation “Shinka” as a huge nod to my favorite character, Vegeta (sooooo obvious from my profile picture haha) and due to my understanding, it means evolution in Japanese. I might stick with it unless someone suggests a better idea.


Although I’m (pretty) sure this is based on Superman. And I hate Superman. But this game is still intriguing and fun for me! I really like it! Hopefully if there is another book we can pass through an injustice era. Can we join Kann? Or will he Kill us immediately?


It’s more like 33% Goku of Dragon Ball Z, 33% Superman and 33% Captain America. This is a story where both comics and anime worlds collide into one.

You just might get a chance to join Kann and it’s without a doubt that Lord Kann is quite powerful enough to kill you but I can’t quite spoil their first meeting because that’s a major event.


Honestly, when you said “shinka”, my first thought was Digimon! :laughing:


I can’t wait for Kann to arrive on earth.


Yeeeeah, you might start thinking differently when he does arrive on Earth.


Got some free time today so I’ll be working on expanding a little more in the story so expect a small update sometime today. No Chapter Two just yet.

Edited: Another small update is out and it’s only for expanding the first interlude chapter with Lord Kann. You get to briefly meet a character that may or may not be important to your MC in the future plus a special mention of a new character. Next update probably will be adding the new stat charts that I’m trying to figure out at the moment.


that was intense, good way to build up lord kann.


Now I can say he was extremely intimidating, a little scary/terrifying, and without a shadow of a doubt dangerous! Good job on the update! Although, now I’m curious to know what he looks like :thinking:.


Anyways, this sentence that Lord Kann says is what made me think that maybe he and the MCs mother might have had a relationship of some sort, or something;

I mean, why call her a traitor unless he “trusted” her at some point? Or did you use the wrong word and meant to call her “treacherous” instead?


this is more a personal wish than a real suggestion but if you don’t want to have the gender selection for the Ros you could please let the wonder woman like character be female straight/ bisexual?

Ps: this is amazing so far.


Jonathan Johnson

Lord Kann

Woo boy I waited waaay too long to shitpost thus