The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



Um, actually Vageta wasn’t mindless when he turned into the Great Ape…


Can their be a choice to have a tail or not?


Elite level Saiyans such as Vegeta and Nappa were able to train to control themselves when they were in the Great Ape form. Common level Saiyans like Raditz or Goku (even if he bumped his head and forgot everything about being a Saiyan) wouldn’t had been able to learn.


Oh good, you do know your Saiyan History :smile:. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be rude when I was correcting you, it’s just that I’ve met so many people that only watch a little bit of the show, stop watching it and then act like they know everything about it :sweat_smile:


Haha believe me, I’ve been into it for a pretty long time. Like since maybe I was 5 or so when I saw it on Toonami one night then became hooked on it


I have amazing and most definitely unexpected news! I am on my way to pick up my PC at my friend’s where he has been working on fixing the issues for me and he just told me that he got the new graphics card in it!

So that means the project is now back on track sooner than expected!


Outsider! Er, I mean, outstanding! :blush:

I do like this idea and approach, glad to hear things going well for you now, cannot wait to see how you will develop this. :relaxed:


@MichaelCrank Sooooooooooo, I don’t know anything about the inner workings of a computer :sweat_smile:. With that said, what is a graphic card?


@VioletHikari to the best of my understanding from what my friend explained to me in simple terms is that it’s the reason why the images are being displayed in the computer screen. I’m not exactly a technology nerd like my friend is lol


To be fair Toriyama changes the lore every now and then soooo


He also tends to forget things as well. That’s the reason why we barely saw Launch in Dragon Ball Z even after she was a important character in Dragon Ball.


Well guys, after expanding a bit more on the plot before I start developing again, I thought about adding some brief POV scenes of some certain characters so they would have more “screen time” if you can say that, to further develop their personalities. This might include the main villian of the story which you may or may not have saw yet but that is just a small possibility. What would you think about it?


There is a very good chance that I’ll get the next update out by this weekend.

Typos, grammar errors, coding errors will be fixed. Some suggestions will be added. And most importantly, Chapter One will be getting more scenes since I always hated how short I made it at this point so I’m hoping to have at least 5k words in Chapter One only. Certain characters will be further developed and you still won’t be able to play as yourself just yet. That may come in Chapter Two.

Also, I’ve decided to add some relevant quotes at the beginning of every chapter to give a reader a feeling on what to expect from a certain chapter.


Okay guys, I got really bored so I went back to work on the game. So there’s a minor update out now, correcting some errors that you guys have told me about and I expanded a bit on Chapter One, removing some certain scenes that I felt didn’t fit in with the chapter and added some new scenes. Hopefully you guys will like what I have so far and I’m hoping that you guys will find Jonathan to be funny.

Comedy is hard everyone.

Here’s a little surprise I have planned for all of you! HYPED.


I absolutely love this game. It’s rest so far thank you for your hard work!


Sooooooooooo, is Lord Kann the MCs biological father?

PS, loved the update :heart:




Thank you both for the kind comments!


Didn’t someone say it’s their uncle or am I hallucinating again


Mc’s father is also their uncle? Well that would explain a lot of plotholes


Well your MC did have a uncle on Jina’s (your biological mother if you haven’t added 2 to 2 yet) side. When Lord Kann attacked your original home planet, only your mother and your uncle stood up against Lord Kann.

Your uncle had tried to fight Lord Kann one on one in order to buy time for your mother to send you away which he was ultimately successful in his last stand. This story might be told eventually in the game through a interesting source but yeah, only your family fought back during the genocide of your race.