The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



Is there more options that you’d like to see besides those three?


How about a note that is written in the alien language which the MC can understand?


A stuffed alien animal


how about a little puppy.


Will whatever mom gives us have an effect later? The armor choice would have an obvious use later on, but what about the necklace and clothing choice?


What about different items that reflect different stats and parts of the MC.


Yes, these choices that you will be presented with will have an effect on the story in some way.

Anyways, here’s a writing update. After some careful consideration, I decided to add one more character that could be said to be a “Obi-Wan” mentor figure to your MC since it would make sense since your MC literally does not know anything about his alien heritage. This mentor would know about this because the MC’s alien race was among one of the most ancient sentient beings in the universe until their near total extinction.


This is going to sound really weird probably, but how about a alien races take on a Kimono or Yukata? Maybe even a Haori or some such? Maybe with symbols or some such on the back? Idk lol Just a thought. A side of my family is Asian descended and I love the culture. :sweat_smile:


That is… Actually pretty awesome. I haven’t thought about that but I’m really liking the idea of doing something like a haori. And as for the symbols, I actually had a idea of coming up with a unique symbol that would show your alien heritage like the Superman’s S.


Another good news for today.

I just paid for the graphics card replacement! So hopefully I’ll get it in a month and I’m very excited to get back to developing the game. Until then, I’ll keep on expanding and adding more to the story in my notebook whenever I am able to.


woooooo! I can’t wait for development to pick back up! :tada: :tada: :tada:


How about a tail as an option as a hertiage symbol like in dbz when Raditz came to earth and krillin knew off the back that Raditz was a sayian cause of his tail. Just a thought.


Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of everyone thinking the MC is human?


Well if given a hertiage symbol or an advance suit to MC it would also defeat the purpose of thinking the MC human because be obvious he/she is not humans


The thing is, an advanced suit or the costume with the heritage symbol can be put on and off as wished by the MC, he doesn’t have to wear it all the time. However, a tail would be directly attached to the body and would be difficult to hide most of the time.


Having the tail as a option does defeat the purpose of everyone, especially your MC, believing that they are indeed a human from Earth but obviously your adoptive parents knows part of the truth because well, they were there when you fell from the stars in a small spaceship. Also, I’m trying to avoid the issue of making this story seem like a rip-off of Superman or DBZ because I want to make you feel like you are your own person in this story presented with choices that could possibly happen if you were thrown into that situation in real life.

Probably should also add that the advanced battle armor or the clothing with your heritage symbol won’t be appearing until way after you do discover your real identity. I have some interesting ideas to make it a part of the plot so I’m looking forward to creating that scene.

However, I am strongly considering a drastic change to your physical appearance when you go through the special transformation but that haven’t been decided yet. Although I’m considering some subtle changes as well.


Just found this and it looks really good! Would be interesting to play as a sorta superman! While I would probably just play straight good, I think it would be interesting to play as someone like Superman struggling to be a great symbol of hope and justice.
Also, do you plan to add any non-superhero ROs? Lois Lane types sorta? Just curious!


There are plans for that because I always felt that a relationship between a superhero and a normal person that is their romance interest was a interesting dynamic to explore in the comics and anime.


Sooooooooooo, does that mean we could be villains :smiling_imp:? Lol, just kidding :laughing:.

I’m not sure if someone suggested it or not, but how about a robotic/toy looking AI that the MC had around since they were a child/baby, but always thought was just a simple toy until they (the MC) find out who (and what) they really are.

If you do decide to go with the drastic change thing, then maybe you should consider @soprano suggestion of the tail thing…


I actually considered an AI robot thing as well, so that’ll be added to the story. Maybe as a permanent thing since it would help out with the plot.

The tail for a Saiyan has always represented their savage nature and if a Saiyan still has a tail and they look at a moon, they just transform into a mindless giant Great Ape. It’s also their biggest weakness once someone grabs a hold of the tail, it sends great pain throughout a Saiyan’s body if they haven’t trained for it. Obviously I wouldn’t go too far by doing a Great Ape copy but maybe the tail will be added to the transformation.