The Outsider WIP (July 23, 2018 minor update) Important Poll on #441!



That will be added to the next update.

That depends on many different things. Like having some free time to write and code, fleshing out the characters and the plot, beta testing and so on.


i always wonder is blur meant to be a combo of Flash and Captain America?


Yeah Blur’s main inspiration was really Flash and Quicksilver. But he isn’t really a super solider like Captain America, he just happened to be in the military when he gained super speed.


Oh, that’s a cool take on the character.


So he’s the Whizzer then


One suggestion: you could make the villain an RO option, it would have some interesting plots. And regards the fighting system, the way we deal with our enemies and the people could have influence in the feeling the people have about the MC (like love or hate, a symbol of fear or hope) and I wanted to ask: will this game have sequences? (like book 2 or something like that.


No, it won’t be possible to romance the villian. I’m not going to say why but you’ll find out eventually.

Too early to tell if this is going to happen or not.


I wonder if our character can be that symbol of hope. I think in other superhero stories on cog, The one thing that the writer never focus on the side of how the people view the hero. Is he a Symbol of hope? or fear.


So will their be a sage\mentor?


an obi-wan who dies??? pls no, I can only handle so much


There just might be someone like that :wink:


So I have a question for you guys. As we all know, anime always has a swordsman. I guess what I am asking here if you’d want to see a minor level villian with a massive sword? I already have some ideas dealing with this but I’m not going to move forward on this until I hear your opinions on it.


Big sword as in buster blade type big?
Heh only if we get to bring our own sword…


You have energy manipulation in this anime-style story. Meaning that you can either manipulate energy to look like blasts ooooooor you could simply create a weapon out of thin air. But that would all depend on your level of control over this ability.


Sooo… with enough power i could manipulate energy to look like im blasting swords outta my hands…


Well… You do have the potential to be the most powerful being in the universe by the end of the story. But as I said, it all depends on your level of control.

Too much power with little control could result into death. Your character is merely a mortal in a mortal universe where immortality only exists in myths. But there are many unique things out there in the universe that you’ll eventually find out about.


Will we have the option to be more Superman style? like focus on our super strength and flight and don’t have this whole energy sword thing


Yes, your fighting style is optional as well but that doesn’t come until way later.


Okay so I have a mini case of writer’s block when I was expanding the story materials in my notebook.

I simply can’t decide whether to give your character something special that your biological mother would had left with you in the ship during the prologue. So I guess I’m asking whatever you’d like to receive so here’s some ideas.

One. A special necklace that would be like a family heirloom.

Two. A special made armor of your alien race that is nearly indestructible.

Three. A clothing similar to a martial artist’s gi.

Or do you want these choices to appear in the game?


I would prefer for all these choices to appear in the game.