The Orc

Almost two years after the “Imprisoned” I finally started an another game.

There were thousands of inspirations, a couple of ideas, a bunch of problems, and many lessons learnt. But in the end I managed to decide.

I make a game under the working title: “The Orc”.

What I want to achieve in this game is:

  • recreate the feeling of might from the “Choice of Dragon”
  • utilize the new amazing ChoiceScript features
  • write a involving, interesting and epic story with twists and turns
  • make a character stats simple but significant
  • avoid gender and sexuality issues
  • conceal language mistakes with crude form
  • create a game of rare “you’re a bad guy” kind
  • refresh some of the “Imprisoned” ideas which are liked while avoiding it’s problems (unfortunate trial time bug)
  • make use of the community feedback
  • spice it with some humor
  • use as much of this knowledge as possible:

Planned schedule:

  • Teaser deployment: 19.09.2012 (today)
  • Beta starts: 12.11.2012 (less than two months from now)
  • Final deployment: ~10.12.2012(less than three months from now)

The teaser/demo should be available in around 30-45min. I’ll post it in this thread. Stay tuned!

I shall view my pocketwatch periodically in anticipation.

cool beans.

I won’t pronounce myself until the teaser’s here, therefore I shalt wait for it ^^

Sorry for a short delay.

Here it is: The Orc (demo) Multiple Choice Example Game | My First ChoiceScript Game

Bare in mind that it’s still very short and almost completely raw. I didn’t have much time to proofread this yet :wink:

Still, have fun.

haha that was awesome…I ignored the guy till he threw a rock at me and I retaliated by throwing the ‘choppa’ at him. Most excellent. :smiley:

I played it twice, and even though it’s short, I can realize that it’ll be fun. Why? Because, maybe, I can be such a good orc that I will be let amongst humans (if you decide to do that, that’d be the thing I’ll aim for in this game). Kill all the bad orcs and befriend all the good humans ^^

That is the most… I don’t even know.

Threw choppa - got critical hit. I like it already.

Needs more dakka.

If you oppose him and use word to confuse him why does it make you more brutal than cunning and more of a servant? But if you ignore and throw choppa it makes you more cunning and a better leader?

Got him to eat a rock that killed him:D

Killed him! Like being a smarty!

Go eats that’s rok. And FACE MY CHOPPA!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!!

@Syndicate thanks for pointing this out - I probably accidentally mixed up the stat sign.
@noogai I’m not sure if there’s a place for any dakka in the setting but I think I get the point
@AlexCosarca interesting idea, thanks
@all Thanks for the warm welcome.

Are these guys like the Orcs in Warhammer Age of Reckoning?

They are based on the Orcs from Warhammer, but I’d like to show my own idea of Orc by exploring the variety of roles an Orc can take.

My favorite part is where violence is almost always an option. :smiley:

I’m hoping this trend continues.

I love that I can try and do crazy things and actually succeed at them…i.e. convincing him to eat a rock, throwing choppa into his chest. It is most gratifying.

So the MC is ultimately a bad guy? if so then that sucks cuz i hate being the bad guy, i prefer to be the hero.