The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday

I have thought about it over and over again and I have decided, perhaps I can can make a game with choicescript, but I may need to ask an experienced person who knows how to code, as I am asking people if you can help me, I will be surely glad for the asisst

The game is based on the US war on Afganistan, which means you Americans, if you hate the Talibans or Al Quada, this is your lucky game. You have been captured by the Talibans and must find a way to escape. However, while you are escaping your captors, you relieve the memories of your childhood up to your capture. These memories will now have an effect with you during your escape and eventually, you must ask yourself, are you a patriot trought out or will you betray the very country you have been sworn to defend ?

There is a chance I could make a good story at of this, but I may need practise with choicescript and at the same time make the story, But I BELIEVE that with your support and guidance, I can possibly make one hell of a game. I am also open to any suggetions, even if it kills me, sorry 8-X .

P.S The title orginates from the US Navy Seals (actually, that’s their motto), so score one for you Yanks =D> .

well I could help you if you want :slight_smile:

And here comes the question I have been trying to figure out, how can I get asisstance from people who are located far away from me, let me guess, email ?

There is a nice tutorial in the choicescript wiki that I found very helpful. Even though you look at it as a new language, its pretty user friendly. Its actually not that complicated, once you get practice with it. Also, one thing I highly recommend is not to write the whole thing and then code it later, but get an idea of what you want to do and code while you write. With the way you need to write the choices, and arrange things, you’ll be glad you did.

There’s the basic tutorial. If you haven’t read it yet, its worth checking out. I’m still new at the language, but I’ll help if I can too.

Yah, I have already downloaded the file, the strangest thing is that and pretty sure I have already Java script, but when I try and open certain folders with .js at the end, they give me a freaking error. I don’t know who to curse, the laptop, java script or no offence, creator of folder, the folder itself, lets just hope it ain’t the latter option

I’ll help you code if you ever need it.

Thanks for the assist, guys, still must I email you so that you guys can help (meaning both the permission and the mygame.js) ? I’m still confuse

It seems like a very American story. Not that it isn’t a good thing, but the last time I played in an American RPG, I somehow ended up roleplaying a guy who was shooting up Chinamen, and relishing it (I’m Chinese). So, I would prefer a game like this to be more… understanding of different nationalities.

Edit: Thanks, I was a little worried there for a second. Sorry about bothering you.

Also, I’m considering of writing the first part of the prologue, to show you how it will be like, what do you guys ? 1 last thing, does anyone know arabic or any of the languages of Afganistan

@Wyrmspawn, I’m a Seychellois and when I play any game, including COG, I prefer great countries like Britain, but in this case, I’m choosing only Americans because:

a) They are more tied to this war than Britain, thats what I believe


b) I believe Americans may be most likely targeted by insurgants

Are you opening the file in notepad++ like they recommend? You don’t need to edit mygame.js very much to get started. You’ll need to fix up the scene order in it, if you want it to follow linearly, but you can technically use the *goto command in the scenes to get places. The only real thing you need to do is declaring all your permanent variables in there.

You just need to be careful when coding this game that you don’t trod over any lines. I prefer my games to take me out of the real world so this wouldn’t really be my cup of tea but I do wish you luck with it.

Wait, you transfer the file on notepad ++, I’ll make note of that and try that, thanks

They recommend it in the tutorial, if you click through it and follow their steps. There is also a page on there with a custom language file to add to notepad++.

Alright, now if you excuse me, I’m got to get started on finding out certain words and phrases in arabic or the languages of Afganistan

They recommend it in the tutorial, if you click through it and follow their steps. There is also a page on there with a custom language file to add to notepad++.

I would find a game based on such recent, real life events, a complete turn-off and wouldn’t be interested in playing it. It’s too political and I think you’re likely to undergo a large amount of criticism for your theme instead of getting the message across that you want.

I think there’s a safety in either making it historical, or by creating a fantasy or sci-fi world instead of using actual current events.

Are you deliberately aiming to make such a controversial game?

it’s not my game either not like war focused games and less in a actual politic problem but I could help you to code

I worked in Afghanistan for much of the last decade, and speak a bit of Dari. But I don’t think I’d be up for helping with a game that caters to American vengeance fantasies about the Taliban and al-Qaeda, as you seem to suggest it will.

Still, a couple of quick language tips: Taliban is a plural word (so it’s never “the Talibans,” just the Taliban), and al-Qaeda can be transliterated a few different ways but never with a “u” (so no “al-Quada”). And any Western country could see its people grabbed by the Taliban, especially if it’s a country with troops on the ground; it would be perfectly plausible to have a non-American protagonist.

I think Havenstone’s post is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t write a game about the Taliban and Afghanistan, MIGHunter. You just don’t know enough about the topic.

You are going to make errors that are both insensitive and offensive and you’ll likely find yourself defending these. I think it’s a topic that deserves to be treated with some degree of sensitivity, especially since it’s so current, that it’s an issue that’s even now affecting people.

I’m agreeing with Havenstone and FairyGodfeather here. You would probably be better served by using the general circumstances in a fictional world and branching out and making it something else.