The Noir Curse (WIP) (Some feedback?)



This wip is like magic they’re both fun


As I keep writing this story, I feel like the novel is changing into more of a adventure sort of uncover the mystery type of novel. There’s still tons of romance but, i guess its 50/50 right now.

I haven’t posted the new chapter yet because I was indecisive about a few things (plus life and college are killing me :joy: ) But I’ll probably post it tomorrow night or maybe today depending on how things go.


I think what @juniper has right now is unique. It’s uncommon to find a game where you can pursue gods. Yeah, I get that there are text-based games with gods in them. But have we ever got the option to woo a god? It might just be me, but I like game concepts that haven’t been milked dry like a cow. Pursuing princesses has been done so many times before. However, banging a sun god… :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

But in the end it is the author’s decision what to do. If they’re gonna remove the sun god as a romance option we’re all gonna have to respect that. And I gotta admit that I’m a little gay for Marsci sksksk she’s such a tsundere bean


I gotta admit this is one of the reasons why I was hyped for the game lol
I can think of a couple of WIPs where you can romance gods and I think maybe one COG that has a god as a romance option. There could be more but I’m not sure.

But yeah I was kind of sad to hear that Destan might be eliminated from the pool of the potential romance options :frowning:


As someone who loves mystery novels, I don’t mind that at all. Part of what makes this story so great is that it doesn’t just rest on the quality or charm of the ROs.


the gods romance is one of the reasons i started playing this game ( i wont even go for their routes - they are all male) but i feel better knowing that i wont be romancing them because i dont want to and not because i cant :blush:


that said some people seem to have taken a liking to dear marsci. and i must admit i do like that taming of the shrew feel. :eyes:


I admit several people have been wanting Marsci to be an RO and i have actually been considering it. After I finish with this chapter I’ll maybe hold a poll to see how many people wish for this. I’ll make a little sacrifice and add her as an RO if the ammount is a lot. (Im gay for her too :joy: )

And also, the main reason why I was going to remove Destan as an RO was because I was slightly struggling to see how could I make his appearances more frequent, but I had an idea! So Destan is back onthe RO train :smile:




Same. I bookmarked the WIP as soon as I saw that I could pursue a sociopathic night god. Rhys made me stay. He is best boy.

Aw yesss!!!

I love her so much but I also wanna punch her in the face do you see my struggle

Pursue her only to break her heart in the end :eyes:


@peaches I feel loved :joy:

Also, there’s a lot of action in this new chapter so I hope you guys enjoy it. Plus Destan will make his appearance :eyes:

Ohhh yesss! Here are some last-minute sloppy memes in honor of the new upcoming chapter!



saves pictures Much appreaciated



can we even punch her? i mean i told her to shut her trap and some pretty strange shit happened

Dont you have a heart woman? though this IS an interesting idea make her suffer for being a bitch. However she may kill us later. Hmmmm… what to do?



lmao when you finally have to choose which route you’ll take and you choose marsci’s

#I chose marsci because im a masochist and I like it rough #talkdirtytome :joy::joy:






I’m going to choose Rhys’ route and when I marry him I’ll re-decorate the entire castle to a pink barbie dream house so I hope that Rhys likes pastel pink because that’s the only thing he’s gonna lay his eyes on once I’m DONE.

Oh yeah, and my MC only dresses in pink. Or at least I imagine her to.


TANAKA SENPAI :revolving_hearts:


I imagine he is going to be getting divorced before long…



OH RHYS WOULD HAHAH he would probs dieee, everything pink, even his soap pink he would be like ‘why me’ and end up putting a spell where he ends up color blind AHAHAH


My MC: [signs the divorce papers with a pink glitter gel pen]

Rhys: ???

Hey, psst, Rhys darling. How about we replace the noir curse with a p i n k curse? Turn the sky pink, the sun pink, the grass pink, and the citizens are required by law to wear pink on Wednesdays

MC: On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Rhys: [signing the divorce papers] No.

anyone caught that mean girls reference? :eyes: