The Nebula (WIP, update 26th June 2015)

@jason_king, @Sinj
Have just implemented a difficulty level setting which has a sort of save element (bringing the player back, while keeping track if how many times he/she died)

Have also implemented a diary system (still not complete, but covers beginning of game) and a prescriptive step-by-step what-to-do (for the easiest difficulty setting). Game is still not complete so obviously not possible to do everything yet, but should make it easier for those only interested in the story… Otherwise also added another couple if systems though not fully finished yet.

So far in the game, what I noticed already (if you really plan on changing or adjusting stuffs in the game) is that the game doesn’t give you the option to go back to pick a different race in the tab when you’re about to pick a race. It would be nice to have the option to pick Martian Humans and after reading the description about them, you change your mind and want to pick a different one in case you want to check all your options before deciding. And what’s with the “no need for muscle mass” with these human sub races? I would’ve expected the Martian Humans to be tall and muscular if you wanted to or tall and athletic. Also, what powers or abilities are available in the options for your family “dark secrets” when you pick one of them? I know the mental ones offers telepath, telekinesis or pyrokinesis. What are the others? Edit: And now just finished playing it. That was short. If I was gonna offer more opinions on it, it would be this. Definitely need to make it or the demo longer, an option to choose a different race if you changed your mind on the race you picked, giving all the sub races except Void humans muscle masses in case someone wanted to customize their MC even more, give the Void and Pluto humans some more skin options like gray, black, dark brown, dark red, dark blue, etc if it’s not already in there and extending a similar option to the “reconsidering your race option” I mentioned to the “family dark secret” option if someone wanted to check all the mentals, techs, and other abilities before they decide on one. Now I’m going to try out the Raiders of Icepeak Mountains demo on Steam. (Some time later) Raiders of Icepeak: I already wish that Lizardfolk was a playable option since I love reptile races (except frogs. They’re annoying in most games). (Some more time later) Stopped playing after a while. Got bored. I think the roguelike dungeons was boring me since it’s a text game and I was basically in a whole “rinse and repeat” loop. Not saying that it’s bad but it’s not my cup of juice (I know the saying is "not my cup of tea but I don’t like tea).

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