The Nebula (WIP, update 26th June 2015)

Yea it would be nice to ask our first mate about our leads so he can atleast point us in the right direction.

Ok, please let me know if this is enough or if you think it would also be good to add some sort of log (I fear that this might be more “hidden” as it would have to be in the stats somewhere, which means some players might overlook it…)

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I have a question sir, is it possible for us to get a better ship in the demo and if so how does one get this new ship?

Its not bad to add the captains log clue hint thingie.
I am pretty sure that a majority of cog players check the stats screen.
I myself do it like 5-7 times normally.

@TheMarshalAdmiral interesting that you noted the direction in which I am moving with this game… my next target is to work on the space combat subroutines, and then I wanted to create the possibility of docking in starbases, getting a new ship etc… maybe I am a bit ambitious with this game but my target is for it to be something like a bit of a sandbox kind of thing, yet still allowing for a player to pursue his primary mission… how do you find the game so far?

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I found the game pretty great so far. I had to replay the whole thing 4 times cause I died three times before I finished the demo.

If I may input some ideas, I think that giving or telling the player you MC’s current rank (like Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant-Commander, Commander, Captain, etc) in the stats.

I recommend you also link getting a new ship with how our primary mission is progressing and with the MC’s rank. Like for example, “Lieutenant Anasazi reports to the Admiral on the current state of the mission…”. After reporting on the current state and situation of the mission the Admiral would then after thanking and congratulating us on gathering so much intel would promote the MC to the rank Lieutenant-Commander (ranks after this would have to be temporary promotions with temporary commands to be more realistic in my opinion). As well as give us command of a Light Crusier with our frigates original crew plus the new members that will be assigned to us with the Crusier.

Also considering our MC is only in command of a frigate. I recommend the MC’s rank be Lieutenant at minimum or Lieutenant-Commander at max, when we start out.

You should probably also go for the MC only being able to requisition a new ship from the Imperial Navy, considering we are an Imperial Officer. So that once we dock at a Space Station/Stardock we can contact our Commander back at Imperial command to requisition a new ship.

I appoligize for the ammount of reading your going to have to do for this. These are just ideas I had and thought they might be good.


Wow, you died 3 times? (are you finding the game too lethal in this respect?).

I like your ideas actually, it was not quite the direction in which I was moving but it would make an awful lot of sense to do something like that, I will try to set this up in the next weeks (work is a bit too busy these days, progress is slow!)

Regarding the ranks I got a little confused… I thought the head of a ship was always a captain, though I do understand that there are other ranks within the navy, I was looking through the internet on this but I got slightly more confused, and it seems that different countries use different systems? It also seems that a commander in the navy would usually be in charge of a frigate? (I am a bit confused in all this, maybe I need to do a bit more reading…)

Just created a new combat subroutine and updated main post…

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Just incorporated ship combat and possibility of trading

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Hello, I enjoyed the game, enjoyed the free-roaming aspects as well, like other I got a bit lost in places but I like that you have your second to tell you what need to know. I found the ship combat a bit fun against the pirates. I like the option of trading but didn’t take part in myself though as I seemed to have lots of money :smiley: . I found the ground combat quite interesting but my char is quite the coward so my body guard was earning her pay :smile:

keep up the good work and I am looking forward to more!!

I’m getting a Warhammer 40K vibe from this.

@Sinj thanks for the nice review, I need to work a bit more on giving more hints for the players, but somehow in the last couple of months i didn’t work much on this (partly cos during the last month I was participating in another joint hosted project, which ate a lot of my coding time, plus somehow real life was pretty busy). I want to eventually provide more instances of ship fight and things to do with money, and hope to get onto that starting this week or next.

@Mr_Popo Indeed, somehow my inspirations are ian banks, starship traveller and warhammer 40k, did you enjoy it? any comments/feedback?

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I’ve been busy recently so I haven’t gotten a chance to read the entire thing yet but I’ll let you know when I do.

So far really.the only thing ive noticed thats either slightly immersion breaking and/ or counfusing is that you have to re start the entire game just because of one tiny mistake , theres no checkpoint/save system, and I cant.find the magical star chart…also is there a ship upgrading system? It seems like there either is or with the ship stats screen.specifically.listing things like ship size type.etc.

Yes, the fact that the game is too lethal has been mentioned before, I might tweak it a bit to reduce mortality somehow (any instances where you thought it was part bad or unjust where you got killed?). I have no idea how to do checkpoints/save systems (as far as I know its not possible in choicescript?). About the star chart, there is supposed to be 2 places where you can find it, I thought it was kind of easy but maybe not? And yes, my hope is to eventually include different ship types, but I am trying to wait a bit to see if I get any further feedback on ship combat, somehow I am slowly proceeding with building different systems within the game though progress was slow last couple of months…

CJW has save plugin that can be used to save progress: ChoiceScript Saving Plugin (Update: Sept. 2019) - #115 by bawpie

but the player will probably need to start fresh with updates to the game but this could be used to let the player save their game, so if they die they can reload. when I played it I like that you could die easily :slight_smile:

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I know its possible, ive seen it two ways, either there is a big long code you habe to save then re enter, or the game automatically short saves your progress… or both.

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I like this. It looks like it’s inspired by Warhammer 40k. I wish the protagonist had dialogue, although your style works well with the setting.

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I have just posted an update on dropbox, including a new ship fight instance (so now there are two), plus a number of tweaks and other stuff (ran a spell-check through everything, was shocked by how many typos there were, must have picked up something like 100-200?!?)

@jason_king, @Sinj, thanks, I will start to slowly look into that… after I try to get onto other earlier suggestions (such as introducing a diary (which I started to do, though I am running into some problems with it…)

@belgrade thanks, glad you like it. It is true that the MC does not have dialogue, somehow I am keeping with the style of early books such as starship traveller -one of my favourites as a kid!-

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With th e coding or the concept/ application of it? You could make it past tense…or wrottten after missions, maybe have entiries show up as hints or preludes before and or during the gameplay.

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