The Mysteries of Baroque — Rise from the dead to take revenge on your killers!

You have to summon the sin eaters when you catch him. I assume you need to have a high occult stat.

Does anyone know if the author plans to write another story set in the same world? The world build is super interesting.

I don’t know if there are sequel plans, but the author has released a new game, Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow which you may enjoy!


Hello! I’m delighted you enjoyed it, and I do hope you enjoy Cliffhanger. While it’s not a sequel to Baroque, there are some Easter Eggs and references to the first game that you might get a kick out of.

I was at one point playing with the idea of a Baroque follow-up, set in Averoigne (the setting’s version of France) and focusing on the return of Apollyon - a figure, mentioned in Baroque a couple of times, who is sort of Napoleon and sort of the Great Beast or Antichrist. But I couldn’t quite make it work, so I dropped the idea. But who knows? Maybe some day.


Hi all,

Recently, we’ve been discussing the idea of doing some DLC for Baroque (and later Cliffhanger). As I mentioned above, I have various ideas and elements of the setting that I want to explore, but I also want to ask all of you for suggestions.

In the first place, which would you rather: new subplots and characters and scenes featuring existing characters incorporated into the game as it stands now - or postgame content featuring the de Winter heir’s subsequent adventures?

In the second place, is there anything more specific you’d like to see in the way of more Baroque stuff? Characters, storylines, elements of the setting that you enjoy? Do you want more Baroque-based stories or to see more of the world beyond the City of Dreadful Night?

Thanks in advance, and do let me know your thoughts.


It’s kinda tricky to choose between the two for the first question, but I’m kind of leaning towards the latter since it’d give the opportunity to explore the greater world. There were a few things, like the computer running Germany or other such bits of lore that are just begging for expansion. Plus, the revolutionaries want to overthrow the other governments too, and supporting or opposing this effort could be interesting.

If we go the sub-plot route, I remember the alien who runs the theater (trouble remembering names, sorry). I feel like trying to find out how to make contact with this world or find leads on it could be really fun.

I do definitely want to see more of this world, for sure.

It’s been a while since I played Baroque so my memory’s a bit rusty, but in terms of things I’d enjoy in the game, I remember there was a Rasputin/Koschei character that appeared briefly towards the end of the game. He’s someone I’d like of see more of, for sure. I generally parted on good terms with him. His homeland could be fascinating to explore too, especially given the aforementioned revolutionary plot.

I think that one of the best parts of Baroque was seeing the City of Dreadful Night itself come alive. While I loved the cast and the plot, learning more about the city itself would be the most interesting thing to me. Seeing different stories set in Baroque from different perspectives, or even more ‘side adventures’ that de Winter went on that we didn’t see in the main game would be super cool!

Other than that, maybe more about Babel, which I also found fascinating.

Possibly my perspective is useless since I haven’t played the full game, only the demo (a while ago), but I’d vote for the existing character stories to be expanded. I liked the writing, and the setting is very cool, the mood and atmosphere works well, though after finishing the demo I saw some reviews that reflected my impressions about somewhat limited character content.

As a quick example, going with someone to see the frozen man come thawed again after another cycle of so many years; super interesting and fun idea, but that scene was finished pretty fast. I think I got to ask the friend I brought one question, and then it was over and we were back at the theater. I remember hoping for more conversation during or after the event, fleshing out both the world and the character that accompanied me.

Character interaction, attachment and development are the main draw to most stories for me personally. I totally understand if it isn’t what interests you most to focus on, though. And forgive me if I’m off base with this commentary. Like I said I haven’t completed the story, but I’ll definitely buy it after seeing you may add to it, since I was already interested.

For the second question, as a general answer I’d enjoy some exploration of the more eldritch elements of the world and how they influence the city. That aspect was one of my favorite parts of the Dishonored games, which this Baroque setting reminded me of.