The Mexican Chronicles [WIP]

I’ve begun work on my new game “The Mexican Chronicles: The Revolt”. In this game, you play the role of a revolutionary in an armed resistance group striving to overthrow the current Mexican government. This game is set in an alternate-history.

Currently it’s about (20%, 2 Chapters, 2120 Words) done, and I plan on updating every week.

I plan on adding more games and hopefully evolve this timeline.

To play the demo, go here:

I am new to ChoiceScript and this is my very first game so do go easy on me. Again this is far from complete and I have a lot to catch up on!

Some information, it is a gender-locked male game. It contains no elements of romance and I hope there will be none. This game doesn’t seek to portray romance rather an interesting plot. There’s more to life than just romance.


I keep getting an error after choosing the codeword

Ah yes, it marks the end of Chapter I till then which is mostly introductions. I’ll update it tomorrow to include another chapter.

That it is blocked by gender although you can make a non-binary protagonist where the player is the one who imagines the sex of his character and give us a name. In addition, the context of the story reminds me of the DLC of Hearts of Iron 4 Man the guns where Mexico has national approaches to be Fascists or Communists, politically influence Latin America to acquire your ideology and form an alliance in Latin America or conquer Central America and even recover the territories seized by the United States in 1848.

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Do you think you should be able to pick out the protagonist’s gender & name?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also, after I finish this game I will go on to release more and expand upon this alternate history timeline. The second game will likely feature the time in Mexico before Martin Andrade was put in power. The third game will allow you to rule over Mexico and either bring it to the traditional ways or expand it through modernizing. Everything is pre-planned.


Depends, if we do not would it add something to the protagonist, or to the story you are telling?
if it doesn’t then, yeah, let us choose but if it does, I’d prefer to stay with your default

As I planned it out, gender doesn’t have any impact in this game. As a male, female or even non-binary; you would face no changes. In this alternate timeline; the world has by and far improved… racism has decreased and those that identify with a gender other than male/female are treated as equal members of society. This game even features some significant characters with a gender other than male/female.

First of all, really interested in setting. I know almost nothing about living in Mexico so I’m immediately interested. Also dystopia is one of my favorite genres.
Second, will you add saves later?

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Yes, I plan on adding saves later on.

Dystopia is a genre that I am experienced in writing about, combine that with the harsh wasteland of Mexico and we get ourselves a full-fledged post-apocalyptic world.

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As much as I want to finish it, here’s a bug

Thanks for reporting it, the game has been updated & I have implemented a proper ending for the first chapter which is mostly introductions.


Thanks! Maybe you will add description in stat menu, it will be helpful? Anyway will wait for further updates!

Cool suggestion! I will make sure to add that so that people can catch up on lore easily!

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Well, it’s the future and everything, but let’s not forget that Mexico is a country with conservative tendencies. Mexico was one of the last countries in America to grant the vote to women, gay marriage is barely tolerated and allowed in large cities connected to the world. Still in 2021 there is a certain social condemnation of abortion or euthanasia. There is gender violence and disbelief to science and reason, for example, in this pandemic people believed that the 5G signal infected you with Covid or that praying to the saints or the Virgin of Guadalupe would protect you without a mask or also that in principle people attacked medical personnel for treating people with Covid or also the stupid popular belief that the thermometer they put on your forehead kills your neurons, therefore in many places the temperature is taken at the wrist which puts the people by not taking the temperature well (the husband of a friend of my mother believed this rumor and now he is dead from Covid and thank God his mother-in-law was not infected). And finally, at the beginning of the pandemic, people believed that the virus was a “smokescreen” (Mexican term used to suspect that strong news is being used by the government to cover up other much worse news that damages its image by For example, celebrating the bicentennial of independence in 2010 was the smokescreen so that people would not see the terrible reports of violence and crime in Mexico) with the pandemic they believed the same, saying that the virus was not as serious as the government says he simply wants to distract us from other “more important” news and then use other smoke screens so that people do not see the seriousness of the pandemic in Mexico that ended up being the second cause of death in my country in 2020. The point is that I doubt that by 2050 Mexico will accept things so quickly that these days Mexicans do not know exist, such as the idea that there are more than two genders among humans or the term. not non-binary. I’m just saying that you take this fact into account so that there is plausibility in your history of Mexico by 2050.


In authors defence, frictional world can be not accurate to real one, and 30 years is a pretty big number for a change if the course is right.

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Okay. I only said real events so that this story has verisimilitude with reality. I mean, you feel like Mexico but not so tied to reality.


No worries - it was interesting to read and I really thank you! It is needed to spread real info.


Hmm…I think 5he first chapter is too short, it should be matched with the prologue instead, or named something else like"introduction". Also, no character creation…I just became"Diego Abasto" all of a sudden…I don’t even know who I am or anything?

You know, now that my country is having a terrible water shortage on a large scale, I think this would be an important factor when it comes to wanting to exercise control of the dictatorship over the Mexican population and also one of the objectives of the rebels. Of course, water would not be the only factor controlling the dictatorship nor would it be the only objective of the rebellion, but it would be interesting to include this factor

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