The Marriage Market

I am soooo intrigued by this concept! Glad tumblr reminded me about this lil WIP

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The idea and concept is pretty straight-forward and seemingly has a good amount of potential.
Though, the demo was semi-choppy and was all over the place.

The MC cousins (without a desc of their appearance or who they genuinely are) are just thrown in the mix.

Personally, i would of waited for a tad more content before releasing the demo to give the reader more of an investing idea into this book.

Take your time, don’t feel rushed. Quality is the key aspect to every great CoG and HS book, you will perfect certain aspects in time, if you don’t understand something or a certain scene is taking awhile, if required, take a break from it and do another activity.

Finally, welcome to the forums.


Great start, I continue to love games that let you define the MC’s core personality so great for including that. I really felt for the MC’s father after all that. :sweat_smile: And definitely take your time as the others say, no rush.


This seems really cool! can’t wait to see where it goes


This is actually very lovely, the pacing is good and the paragraphs are split nicely (idk why I’m commenting on that other than i tend to get overwhelmed when they are not)
anyway keep up the good work! it’s shaping up nicely


Literally can’t wait for more

Sometimes you just need a nice game to relax, this would fall in that category for me. Looking forward to the completed work.


This is one of my favorite time periods, looking forward to trying the demo after work today.
And just by reading the description I’ll definitely be buying it whenever it gets released.


Anyone heard from the author recently?

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There’s no hope i think

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@insert-clever-name Pls. contact a mod or leader to reopen the thread once you’re ready.