The Marriage Market

As the only heir to a dying legacy, it’s up to you to turn the tides of your family’s fortunes and get married! Enjoy London’s famous marriage market, party like it’s the late 1800s (cause it is) and most importantly, Get Married … preferably to someone rich.

  • Play as male, female, gay, straight, and everything in between!
  • Play the innocent ingenue or the coy rouge
  • Raise your reputation among London’s finest or destroy your family’s name forever
  • Romance some of London’s elite and … not so elite
  • Solve a murder…
  • yes, solve a murder!

Quick FAQ

  • Are you even trying to be historically accurate?

Of course not! I want you guys to have fun after all.

  • What elements are you taking from the period then?

No real-world facts, just vibes … and aesthetics.

  • Wait, is solving a murder the main plot or getting married?

Why not both? After all, the ultimate fantasy is being able to multi-task.

Now the main attraction, the ROs!

  • Valerie/Victor Sinclair
  • Role: Oldest Sinclair sibling and yet not the heir? (Eligible Match)
  • Personality: Cold, Intimating, ruthless
  • Looks: Sinclair is a tall, slim, intimidating figure. They have straight black hair pulled/slicked back in a severe manner. They prefer to wear darker colors, primarily black, and carry a cane made of African blackwood. Maybe you can melt this major ice queen/king’s heart?
  • Mordecai Sinclair
  • Role: True heir to the Sinclar industrial fortune (Highly Eligible Match)
  • Personality: Soft-hearted, nervous, meek
  • Looks: Mordecai is slim like his older sibling but doesn’t have the sharp lines and edges as they do. He has mousey brown hair that reaches his neck, and he has a slight tan from his hours in the garden. Mordecai prefers to wear various shades of brown and tan colors and the occasional grey. Can you give this cowardly lion come courage? (and kisses)
  • Oscar/Olivia Wright
  • Role: News reporter (Not Eligible at all)
  • Personality: Work driven, determined, coy, and teasing
  • Looks: They have a lean build that they got from all that running on the job. They have dark skin with short, kinky hair. Their style of clothes has been described as “loud” and “garish,” but they describe it as “fun.”
  • Octavia/Octavian Belmont
  • Heir to the very rich and very noble Belmont family (Highly Eligible Match)
  • Personality: A rake of the highest order, flirty, and not the least bit interested in marriage.
  • Looks: Soft blonde curls and bright green eyes. Long elegant limbs that are usually stretched out like a lazy house cat. Tries to keep up with current fashion trends and has even led a few.
  • Anastasia “Ana” Ivanov (POLY)
  • Role: Singer/actress (It’s… complicated)
    • Personality: She doesn’t act like much, misses her homeland. There’s something deeply sad about her.
    • Looks: Anastasia has long, curly red hair and baby blue eyes. She’s famous for her curves, but rather than accept her status as a sex symbol, she dresses pretty conserve and acts modestly. Unlike her dear friend, Anastasis, she aches more for her homeland than the stage.
  • Anastasius “Tas” Ivanov (POLY)
  • Role: Dancer/actor (It’s… complicated)
  • Personality: Chill, confident, laid back. Likes the thrill of traveling compared to the chilly bite of his homeland
  • Looks: With stark blond hair and piercing gray eyes, Anastasius should look uninviting compared to his lover, Ana, but the exact opposite is true. Tall with a wiry build and a causal smile, Tas is quite the attractive enigma.
  • Emma/Edmund Greene
  • Role: Childhood friend (Eiligable Match)
    • Personality: Sweet and naive to a fault. Overly concerned with other people’s wellbeing and low-key hopes that entering the marriage market together might… help you see them in a different light.
    • Looks: Curly caramel hair and soft hazel eyes that are almost puppy-like as a mole on the right side of their cheek and visible dimples caused by their constant smiling.
  • Wesley “Wes” J. Clark
  • Role: Policeman (Not Eligible at all)
  • Personality: Sharp and prickly at the edges. Has a bone to pick with the world with particular interest with spoiled rich kids with nothing better to do than go to the opera and gossip
  • Looks: Unaterully tall and broad. He is jokingly/not so jokingly called “The Bull” by his peers. Russet hair, hard gold eyes, and a perpetual scowl on his face.
  • Role: [REDACTED] (… really wouldn’t recommend this one)
  • Personality: A dashing [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] and a roguish smile.
  • Looks: [REDACTED] Strangely [REDACTED] good looking

Demo [Unavable]
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Too bad there’s no demo yet. Very interesting cast of characters can’t wait to see who will catch my eyes.


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