The Maledictus (WIP) (Demo posted)

Never thought that I will want to be a walking red flag and ice queen type of character, but here I am.


But your pfp is literally ice :eye::lips::eye:


Apart from the curse that is slowly and painfully killing the mc it felt like an inverse of the Harry Potter theme as the mc seems both powerful (the way mine totally owned that other student) and there seem to be hints that the mc is rich or at least well-off. Except for the curse it seems this mc would have most things going for them otherwise, as in powerful, rich and handsome/pretty.
All in all an interesting perspective and different from the normal chosen one, poor fish out of water we often get in these kinds of stories. I’m interested to see where this goes next.


While I do like playing an ice queen, it’s a nice change of pace, I did think it was a bit much. On my play through, I was going for a nice but quiet girl. And it was going well for a while, until the new student showed up. Then it was like my MCs isolation turned into something straight out of mean girls. And then the pov switch was like “and that behavior is uber normal and everyone agrees that you’re a jerk.” What?! They’re the jerks here. So yeah. I liked it in general, but it felt a bit much towards the end


Omg I love this! Definitely looking forward to interacting more with RO’s and future updates :heart:


Curse, Divination and Runes but I don’t really care about runes that strongly, In practice I will focus on curse, divination and necromancy once that’s an option.

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I went for Runes, Zoology and Alchemy. Since Runes are good for a variety of situations, including summoning and trapping beings. I felt like it would mesh well with Zoology in case I ever need to capture a creature to tame it or for other things and Alchemy involves transmutation which sounds like I can not only transform other beings but maybe even my character. And possibly even make my pet (including future ones) stronger with either a temporary buff or permanent positive mutation. Also, more potions for multiple situations are always good.


Love this!


That’s a lot of romance option


@Ren_VD I saw the tumblr page and was wondering if it was by THIS Ren lol, I’m glad this IF is being written by you. If i had realized earlier, i would’ve said this here instead of on tumblr but, Idk if aggressive stats should have any activity at the beginning, but if so, It wasn’t tracking. I was aggressive with Draven and Haider but the bar didn’t move.

“Look here my young glitter twinkie.”

Valen’s mouth falls open in outrage at your choice of words. Your smirk only grows.

Okay yeah, that’s it, that’s all, I love this already lmao. I was not expecting MC to say this :joy: My dude is about to be a hoot, I tell you. It ended too fast, I crave more.


An MC that’s a walking red flag with a legacy of insanity and death? HELL YEAH!!!


At the start i felt like i missed a chapter because the story began quicker than i’m used to. But after Haider and Val scenes i fall in love. :smile: The fact that MC has badass family of necromancers (and that bat like pet) is so interesting and cool. And there are some funny dialogues, that’s a pluse too.

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