The Maledictus (WIP) (Demo posted)

Hi everyone. Since I’ve had more time on my hands lately, I’ve decided to begin work on a new project.

Maledictus is inspired by Harry Potter and all the fantastic Magic related Ifs I’ve come across in the recent months. I’ve had the draft lying around for some time and decided to work on it.


The MC is a Maledictus which is a slur word used to describe witch folk who are affected by a blood curse, one of the foulest and most evil of all the curses. It’s slowly worming it’s way through their body, killing them and causing unspeakable pain.

The student body hates you and so does the rest of the witching world.

The MC’s begun a new year at Blackwood Academy of Magic and their life takes a swift turn at the arrival of a new student. The Graves prodigy who brings with them a new era of problems. Murder in the school halls, black magic and evil lurking close.

The Mc must find the caster before they end up becoming the cycle’s next victim and in turn protect the new student who’s too nice for their own good.

  • Play as male, female or non-binary.
  • Romance one of 7 Ros.
  • Pick the subjects you want to be the best at.
  • Choose your after school activities, ranging from dueling to volunteering at the beast house.
  • Have a blood sucking monster for a pet.
  1. Haider Almasi [M] (22 years old)
    The Prefect of House Cieran and Captain of the dueling team. Haider has black hair, tan skin and blue eyes. He’s tall at 6.2 feet and has a strong muscular build from his days training in the ring.

Haider is fair, intelligent and kind to a fault. He tries his best to help everyone around him without expecting anything in return. It makes one wonder if there’s any hidden secrets behind that sunny smile of his. He’s a protector and a born leader with a vicious competitive streak.

  1. Valen Graves [M/F] (Same age as MC)
    The new student with untapped potential that they’re barely learning to harness. Stubborn, impulsive and just randomly tripping into danger seems to be their forte. However in the twenty years that you’ve lived, Valen is the only person who’s dared to look at you as something more than an maledictus.

Valen has dark brown hair, hazel eyes and olive skin with freckles.

  1. Slade Tallo [NB] [Age: 20 years]
    Slade is a shifter and has the ability to transform into a beast of their will. Their preferred form is that of a wolf and the wild magic burns strong in their veins. Slade has been ranked number two on the list of suspects and they’re perhaps one of the only people willing to believe you when you claim innocence.

Wild and dangerous, Slade likes to hone their claws behind a veil of flirtations and charm.

Slade has long black hair, golden irises and golden brown skin.

  1. Veda Sharma [F] (Age: Same as MC)
    The perfect student with a hidden rebellious streak that runs a mile long. Veda has a gray moral compass and will do whatever it takes to protect those she cares about. Even if it requires blood and death, she’ll do it all if it means you’re safe. She always puts the safety of her friends first and behind that pretty face lies an ambitious young witch. One would think she knows it all if it wasn’t for the bouts of vulnerability she shows no one but you.

Veda has long black hair, brown skin and dark brown eyes.

  1. Emma Weaver [F](Age: 19 years)
    Born a strong clairvoyant, Emma’s head is mostly lost in the clouds. She’s kind, thoughtful and a ray of sunshine when all hope seems lost. Emma is also skilled at scrying and is a wonder at portal magic.

She likes to think that there’s some good in everyone and believes that you’re innocent. She’s also the one who’s to predict your death and it’s not looking good for you.

Emma has blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin.

  1. Killian Baymont. [M] (Age: 21 years)
    Killian is the fiery and talented Captain of the Blackwood Riders. His skills at Zoology at unmatched and he can tame any magical beast you throw at him. Though his people skills are poor to say the least, he’s interested in helping you catch the murderer if only to avenge his slain friend. Killian is a half born and is thus unable to perform the spells that ordinary witch folk can cast and has learnt to keep his heart hidden behind a steel case to protect himself from the mistreatment that half borns are put through.

Killian has dyed his hair a dark marron to match the scales of his mount, he has green eyes and freckled fair skin.

  1. Lyana Orynthius. [F] (Age: 21 years)
    Lyana is half witch and half elven which makes her one of the unwanted half borns. Just like Killian she’s learnt to mask her pain through combat and she’s the vice captain of the dueling team. She’s cold and cutting on a good day, untrusting of you which isn’t that much of a shock considering that you brought a corpse to life in front of her. However every once in a while, she’ll drop her guard and surprise you with words of kindness.

Lyana has raven eyes, ebony skin and curly black hair tied in braids with gold rings.

  1. Cyrus Griffith [M] [Age: 42 years]
    Cyrus has silver hair, red eyes and pale gray skin.


The Maledictus on Tumblr


Why MCs are always the most hated in the stories ;-;


prob gonna be my fav WIP of all time.


Well, I love magic schools and Harry Potter, so I’m very excited for this!

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Cool start! You got me invested immediately with the premise. I loved the RO pov too


I’m going to be fully honest and say that the description of the story seemed kind of boring but I decided to give it a shot and now I see this game have amazing potential!


A bit sad the demo is so short, but it’s good! I can’t wait for more. Side note, at the end of the current demo my MC gets called ‘her’ when I made my character a male. Just wanted to let ya know :]


Wow. I love this WIP.
I chose curses, elemental combat, and zoo.
In hopes of breaking the curse; I wanted to focus on that most of all.

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Cause I’m sad and bored and this is the person I relate with in my head :grimacing:


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RO POV lets gooooo


I really liked this and am looking forward to more!

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Too short but I like it so far, it’s interesting enough to look forward for it but not long enough to have a solid opinion yet.


Hello! Really liking the story so far, and I found the Valen male POV repeats if the MC was quiet to him. It moves onto another POV as if the MC was rude to him.


I have a question, will we get to choose our dorms or are you gonna do the talking hat like in harry potter. (forgot what it was called) cause that would blow my mind :scream:.


So i want to know can we eventually remove the blood curse and also will there be more povs

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So what classes did you folks choose?

I went for Alchemy, Runes, and Curses myself.


Alchemy, Divination, Elemental Combat. :slight_smile:


Runes, curses, and zoology but I crave necromancy.


Curses, elemental combat, and zoo

@Ren_VD a good start :smiley: im looking forward to seeing more. There were typos but no code errors