The Magician's Enigma (2 Chapters, 25k words)

So, I’m going to try this again because I’m confident that the trolls will find someone or something else to obsess over eventually. In the meantime, I know there are many of you who are actually interested in this thread for its intended purpose: beta testing my Magician’s series.

Progress on Chapter One of Enigma is going along steadily, and I anticipate posting the demo within the next week or so. It has a tone that hasn’t really been seen in the series yet: one that’s dark and depressing. It will mostly have to do with the funerals for Theyo and Mowbow, and it will also start to touch on some of the things to come, such as Zaleth hibernating, Kihbok still being at large, and the large role that Melithar will have to play in the subsequent chapters.

Although Enigma will still not have nearly as urgent of a plot as some of my other works, like MMM or NNN, it will have a significantly different feel than TMB. Whereas the first installment was primarily a slice of life, this sequel will deal with recovering after the demon attack; training extensively with Melithar, and finally journeying to the king’s castle and recruiting powerful allies along the way.

There will be more romance, new villains, and new dynamics with the characters you’ve already met so far. I’m pretty excited to get back into this series after only picking away at it here and there since I submitted TMB for the CoG contest. My biggest goal with Enigma is to address many of the issues people had with the first installment, and bring the quality of the story up to the standard that I’ve created with many of my WIPs.


Stupid question, but will the mc be able to get a pet or befriend an animal that will actually stay alive? :pray:

And can I say that I am really glad you’re working on it? I know you have other projects and a personal life -and dude I hope you’re taking care of yourself- so I’m really impressed.

Good luck, keep it up and take care of yourself~


Thanks a lot, @Ninja1. Yes, you’ll be able to adopt a stray dog while traveling towards the end of the story.


Looking forward to this one and love tmb
Good luck




Super excited, don’t let the trolls distract you from your fans :slight_smile:


My intent isn’t to derail the thread further, but since it’s come up, first of all, if there’s been any mess up of moderator stuff, that’s on me, and I apologize if things were enforced weirdly for differently people. Part of it has to do with different moderators and admin having different ideas about how stuff goes, I’d imagine, and that’s always a little tricky. But I totally make mistakes with this stuff.

I don’t feel strongly about having multiple accounts.

It’s not super cool to have multiple accounts and then “like” your own posts or post in support of yourself, and that sort of thing makes me lift one eyebrow pretty high, but at most I would write to someone and ask them to please not do that, I think, if it weren’t something egregious.

That’s often been the case, but not always. For example, my Cakes and Ale thread doesn’t have a demo. But you do bring up a good point that these things aren’t always figured out in obvious ways. Sometimes I’m flying by the seat of my pants here between grading Beowulf papers. I don’t have a huge problem with non-demo threads in some cases, although in other cases the “Interest Check” thread is most appropriate. It’s a judgment call on my part, and if I screw up, write me, and I’ll fix it.

Anyhow, let’s let this thread be about whatever Enigma this Magician is having, and if there’s other stuff about moderation norms, we can also talk about it here: Moderation and Forum Norms

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I think the main reason that rule exists is to stop newbies from making a thread and never going any further. But it’s a fool indeed who would assume Sam would pass up the chance to set up yet another WIP. The demo will come, sure as shootin’.


Sincerely I think In cases as Sam lucid or even yourself that have published at least two games in Hosted. Should Have your own section that any new fan could directly search for author and add there each new project.

That could improve the fan base and build hype and be practical to the author.

However, is true that the rule is not clear whether or not applies so maybe a further clarification could be really useful.


Just wanna say thanks real quick for getting this back on topic.

TMB was a really intriguing game for me. I liked that being a magician still meant being part of the normal world and having to deal with normal problems. I liked having to hold down a job, though multiple jobs did seem a bit much. I would have liked more variety in magical styles (maybe the option to add a new power in the sequel?), but I certainly liked the flavor of just having an “edge” rather than world-changing power. I am concerned the sequel will suffer with a 5x power increase.

For context, I played as a stealth mage for the speed boost, because I really just wanted a magic that enhanced my normal abilities.


That’s for new people who say “hey i hav an idea for a story where your a swordfighter any thoughts” not published authors who have been making stories for the better part of a decade.

Rules are not rules for the sake of it, but to serve functions.

Oh hi, CYS guy. Glad to see one of you guys was drafted over here for this once again. :blush: :wave:

It may surprise some people but all rules are not 100% rigid. I was using another account for the purpose of a pen name, not for the purposes most people make multiple accounts for.

I’d say the MC would be several times more powerful because of the combination of being trained in combat and magic by a wizard, but it certainly won’t be anything like a spell that can shoot five fireballs instead of one. It’s closer to how a boxer could beat five regular guys in a fist fight.

Sorry for posting about that stuff here on my own thread. I just know that their issues are with me, not moderation and forum norms in general.


Can the mc become more demonic or get a stronger demon bond with their soul


Yes, that will be something that can gradually occur in the series. :smiling_imp:




@Samuel_H_Young I’ll close this thread for now and have the mods review some of these post.

I’ve reopened the thread. It may be the crazy optimist in me, but I’ve asked those who posted angrily to contact me personally if there’s any grievances I can address, and let them know that after further trolling here I have to suspend. I hope anyone who has a problem with moderation stuff can come to me. I’m always happy to try to fix any mistakes I’ve made. It would be cool if we could continue on from this point talking about this WIP on this thread.

Perhaps it will get easier once the demo is up. I for one definitely symphatize with you, and would love to give you feedback by my ability, but I haven’t read the Magician’s Burden (yet. It’s on my to-buy list. Too many good games!) so it’s kind of hard to strike a discussion that’s not about commenting what has been said (which probably isn’t a good idea).

Good luck with writing! (And life. That’s important too.)


I’ve deleted several posts above so we can, I hope, start fresh here and keep this thread specifically for discussion about this WIP. Any discussion about other issues should probably be in the norms thread.


Sam, I’ve always enjoyed your writing and storytelling. I cannot wait for TME. :+1:


I am incredibly looking forward to the Magician’s Enigma.

In fact, I am about to start for the nth time another round with Violet.
Hopefully, things will get better with her in TME.

Thanks Sam. Don’t ever let them distract you. Just remember us your loyal fans. We’re here to support you.


That seems like a lively thread.

Anyway, pretty curious to see what the demo will look like. It’s been a while since Magician Burden, but a continuation should be interesting.

At the very least, seems that the stakes have been raised quite significantly. Saving the world was certainly above the MC’s payroll last time around!