The Lost Heir Trilogy


Guess i’ll never have a mouse queen.


This needs to be explored more. My turtle offsprings would populate the ocean and become the bridge with the merpeople!

They could start their own subspecies, ain’t that going to be fun.

I bet the monster running around Daria are just offsprings of horny druids


I have stumbled upon strange times

Oh great I now I need to make jokes about the royal outrage of the heir mating with animals…

Is it still bestiality if you magically turned into the same animal?

Why would anyone do this?


For curiosity’s sake.
And for the laughs and giggles.
I was caught completely offguard by the scene and by the time that I had wrapped my mind around it, it was already too late.


So, I don’t know if anyone can guess why I am here? Can I haz cult membership card please?

First we’re sticking our private parts into Soulburners, now animals as well?

The citizens will not look brightly on their new ruler…


You don’t need it anymore. Neo-sama chosen to gave blessing to every soul on this forums.

Actually, if you mate in your animal form you will be a few days away from Brightwater and, because of that, the citizens will think you defeated the demon patrol (they just changed their course). They will be very happy with you.

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Their new ruler has awesome demon horns and a bulging physique. They can get over the fact that their demon king is into some kinky stuff.

By the way, loved Tiger of my Arcane Tattooist. Each time i’m summoned him, i was imagining something like that.


Great! Now do I find the original PM, tried searching the forum, but didn’t see anything. Also, thanks for helping me out!

No problem)
Neo created new thread called Lost Heir Guides:

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Excellent, thanks a bunch!

Jess is the best RO ever!!!
Romancing Jess and choosing Catalyst class at TLH3 just make me cry :cry:.


Agree. Going this path now with my mage character. If available, Catalyst class best choice for those who romance Jess.


Quick question: who is Jess/Jace’s true love apart from the MC? Don’t have a save where they are alive and not in love with me.

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It’s your summoner friend. Turns out, “forbidden” magic users getting along quite well with each other.


For those who want to know who the companions can end with:

Gale/Gill = Trevor/Teresa (the bandit who assaults you when you are going to Vernex, the gender is the opposite of Gale/Gill)
Petra/Peter = Saul/Sally Bennet (the merchant in Brightwater who wants to sell you sails, the gender is the opposite of Petra/Peter)
Karla/Karl = Naistalan, the half-elf Cleric of Auriel.
Thea/Theo = Dura, the half-orc Captain of Epiphany and weather wizard.
Brinn/Bran = Lacey, the gipsy dancer and daugther of Sir Grady.
Jess/Jace = Syndie/Synden or Poppy/Pope, the demon summoner who helps you and join your party.


So i’m a bit confused about the world after the release of LH3, is life of a wizard set before or after the events of the lost heir series?

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Question: I’m at the part in Lost Heir 2 where I just got the Necromancer Book and have the option to use it. Problem is I also have all the stats needed for Dragon-rider. My Dilemma is if I use the book, will I be barred from becoming a Dragon-rider? Or am I able to do both and have 2 Prestige Classes in Lost Heir 2?